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Yorkshire (Sleets Gill, Pippikin and Lancaster/Easgill.)


Pyrenean Trip – See notice board in belfry for details.  Sailing 20th July.  Minibus returns 3 weeks later.  Names to Mike Palmer by end of march – stating preference for 2 or 3 weeks.


Beware of Dogma

On Saturday, March 22nd, at 2.30 p.m. - which will probably be a fine day and time for caving, climbing and all the activities for which the B.E.C. was founded - some of us will spend several hours copped up in Priddy Village Hall attending the meeting of the Council of Southern Caving Clubs.

I can almost hear the comments - 'More fool you!  'It's the ruddy cave politicians at it again' - 'Some people would rather talk about caving than actually do it' - and so on.

I don't suppose for a moment that our Hon. Sec. for example, actually wants to be there - and I'm sure that I don't.  It's all far too like the mythical University of Charterhouse for my liking - BUT - unless we DO turn up and see for ourselves what is going on - and do what we can to prevent what must be prevented - the University of Charterhouse may cease to become a Christmastide joke and be actually with us one day in the near future.  Look at all these statements, which have actually been made recently by people whose control over caving is increasing: -

'It does mean control; regimentation; licences etc. if you don't like it, give up caving.'

'Caving will have to become more expensive.'

'It also implies setting up educational and equipment safety standards.'

'We would be greatly helped by having lots of brass in order to employ full-time staff for administrative, publicity, training and scientific work.'

Are you frightened yet? You should be!  Unless, of course you take the attitude that you have nearly finished caving and couldn’t really care less about the future.

This is, if I might say so, a rather selfish attitude and smacks of 'Throw the mess deck overboard, I've had my breakfast, Jack!'

The Southern Council have so far had a good record of opposing some of the more dangerous suggestions that are being made, but we cannot afford always to leave it to somebody else to fight on our behalf.  Why not turn up on Saturday 22nd March and see and hear what goes on?  Who knows?  You might be just the sort of person who will one day be in a position to take over from those who are at present fighting to preserve our Mendip way of life - A way of life which we, perhaps, take too much for granted.

Or couldn't we really care less?


Space Filler

The sentences below contain anagrams of the names of some members of the present committee.  One name is concealed in each sentence or phrase, and each gives a clue to the activities of the member concerned. Answers elsewhere in this B.B.

A.         I draw vein - a mineral vein perhaps.

B.         A line jams on growth, and needs repairing?

C.         C. Cold in ye loo! (and in ye Belfry sometimes)

D.         No liar brew it! - Jean checks that.

E.         I call on files (if I can find them!)

F.         Carry on as I am - or sell 'Which?'