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A Monthly Miscellany

Compiled by 'Wig'

139.      January 31st.  Does this date mean anything to you?  It should! Subscriptions are now due.  £2.50 for full members, £3.50 for Joint members and £1.75 for Junior members.  Send your subscriptions to The Membership Secretary, c/o The Belfry Wells Rd, Priddy , Somerset.

140.      Alan Williams.  Does anyone know his address?  His B.B's have been returned from his Newport address.

141.      Swildons Hole.  The W.C.C. book will be added to the library as soon as it is published.  Invitations to purchase a copy are now open to non-Wessex members.  Price £12 (leather bound) and £9 (Rexine bound).  Orders to Phil Davies, Wessex Cave Club, Upper Pitts, Priddy, Somerset.

142.      Club Publications.  A full range is kept at the Belfry and obtainable from the Hut Warden.  Those buying through the post should obtain copies through Chris Howell, 131 Sandon Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham.  Please add 10p for packing and postage.

143.      Belfry Lectures.  Following Kangy's lecture and later in March, Chris Hawkes will be talking on Archaeological finds in caves.  How to remove them; when to leave them to specialists and some notes on the Westbury Bone Fissures.

144.      EGONS exchange.  The latest exchange of magazines is with the Exploration Group of North Somerset.  A basically chatty club journal with an alert eye on the political situation in the regional bodies.  On this subject, the Wessex Journal has reprinted a. paper by Roger Sutcliffe on the history of the Northern Council and the reasons for their decision to allow access only to members and associate member clubs.  Incidentally, recent issues of the Wessex Journal have included a serial written by Fred Davies on the Cowsh Aven epic.  Though written in the usual Davies style - concise yet humorous - did it really need to be that long (at least six parts)?

145.      From other journals.  The latest 'Sottoterra1 (no 37) includes reports on the Bologna Club discoveries. The Cambridge U.C.C. Journal for 1974 includes a report of their 1973 Pyrenees expedition. The B.C.R.A. bulletin includes details of the Quaking Pot extension and details of the Gar Parau Foundation constitution.  Plymouth Caving Group Journals Nos 56 - 59 are now in the library, as is the latest U.B.S.S. Proceedings (Reviewed in this B.B.).

146.      News from members abroad.  Colin Priddle has sent us an article for the B.B. and Sybil is likely to be back in England in April this year.

147.      Farmer Maine. There can be few members of the club who do not know farmer Maine.  I am very sorry to have to report that following an illness which necessitated his being taken to Wells Cottage Hospital just before Christmas, he died in January this year.  The funeral, at Priddy Church on the 18th of January, was attended by representatives of many Mendip caving clubs.  At his own request, there were no flowers, but he asked for donations to Priddy Church, to which the club has responded.  It was. perhaps, Maine's example of friendly and helpful co-operation between landlord and caver that may well have laid the foundation for the generally good relations that have existed on Mendip in this respect.

148.      Donations to the Library.  Our thanks to Garth, Andy Nichols, Tim Large and others for donations to the club library. Incidentally, there are a number of library lists for sale at the Belfry price 10p.  A valuable aid to those who want to study the contents of the club library at their leisure.

149.      Cave notes 1974.  Is out! The material includes two new surveys of Mendip caves (Ludwell and Flowerpot, Hollowfield) and notes relating to cave surveying.  A well at Bathford.  Trespass problems.  Sea Caves of North Devon.  28 pages, price 3Op.  Only 100 copies are available, so get your order to Chris Howell NOW before they run out.

149.      Shower Improvements.  John Dukes and Pat Cronin have modified the shower system at the Belfry by alteration of the wiring system.  This allows the Hut Warden to arrange for the tanks to be on throughout the weekend, enabling cavers to have showers without having to wait.

150.      Lifelines.  Graham Wilton-Jones is ordering a new supply of lifelines to replace those that we have in service at the moment.

151.      Sub-Committee meets.  The first meeting of the sub committee set up by this year’s committee following questions raised by the A.G.M. met at Alfie's on the 22nd of January.  Many questions were raised and all members are investigating various aspects of the problem.  The real point that became clear very soon after discussion began is that the simple questions asked at the A.G.M. are really extremely complex. It can also be noted, without speaking out of turn, that our third party liability cover is not all it could be.  The sub-committee meets again on April 9th 1975 at Alfie’s.  Members who were present at the first meeting were Alfie, Andy Nichols, Joan Bennett, Bob White and Wig.

152.      Withyhill Survey.  This survey is now completed and at the printers for photo-reduction.  Copies will be available at the Belfry in the very near future.  The survey notes will appear in the February B.B.

153.      Increased Postal Rates.  It seems likely that some discussion will take place during the year regarding the monthly posting of the B.B. to members.  The present postal expenses of £80 are heavy enough, but when the 5p postage becomes effective, the postal bill for the B.B. will increase to about £115 per year and will be as great as the full production cost (assuming no donations of papers etc.)  Members who can collect their B.B. from Barrie or Mike Palmer are asked to do so whenever possible. The hand delivery system will have to be improved if a monthly delivery is to continue.  Another scheme would involve members paying an. additional 18p to their subscription to cover the increase.  Think about it, and any other scheme and let the editor know.