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Saturday March 1st    Climbing in the Pyrenees, an illustrated talk by ‘Kangy’ King.  7.30 p.m. at the Belfry


            March 28th      Sleets Gill.

            March 29th      Pippikin.

            March 30th      Lancaster – Easegill


Happy New Year

A very belated, but nevertheless well meant, Happy New Year to club members and all readers.  Owing to the usual series of mishaps, this B.B. - like the Christmas issue - is very late, but it is hoped that we will get back to sensible issue dates very shortly.

The B.B. in 1975

Only minor changes in layout are contemplated.  The list of club officers gets a full page, as many members have said how useful they find this repetitive but useful feature.  After a break for Christmas, both 'Round and About' and the regular monthly crossword re-appear.  Mike Wheadon has promised to write regularly on the social scene - for those members who like to know what is going on apart from caving. Incidentally, Mike is also hoping to be able to take over some of the production of the B.B. this year. One feature during the year will be a change of cover paper (not design).  It could not be introduced straight away, as its object is to save money - and this could not be done by throwing away our remaining stocks! Purists will, no doubt, be able to get spare covers if they want their years B.B. to look uniform.

Membership Secretary

The committee have voted Angie Dooley into this position.  She has not been co-opted.  All subs should be sent to The Membership Secretary, c/o The Belfry.

Albert Maine

The death of Albert Maine is reported in 'Round and About' (147).  In addition to what is said there, it might be appropriate to remember that the B.E.C. in particular owes Mr. Maine a debt of gratitude.  By allowing his barn to be used by cavers, he made it possible for many of the active – but homeless – post-war cavers to get to know each other and, as it so happened, to join the B.E.C.  By this means, we got members like the late Don Coase, ‘Sett’ – for many years the mainstay of the club on Mendip, ‘Pongo’ Wallis – one of the trustees of the Belfry and, unfortunately, your editor!


We hear that the special committee, which the N.C.A. set up to look into tackle, is to recommend that standards be set up and that some sort of grant be sought for this exercise. While it is, perhaps, too early to react – since there will be some opportunity to discuss this at the next meeting of the Southern Council - there does seam be the beginning of a parallel between what I wrote in that article 'The future of Caving Clubs' and what is likely to actually happen.  During the year, we shall be publishing as much as we can sensibly get hold of on matters which could affect the control and future of caving and although it is perhaps a nuisance, we urge all cavers who care about the future of caving as we know it on Mendip to come along to meetings of the Southern Council and hear - and comment - on what is going on.  Four afternoons a year cooped up in Priddy Village Hall might prove a small price to pay for ensuring that caving goes the way that cavers want it to go!

Insurance and All That

Another ‘behind the scenes’ activity – this time in the direct interest of club members – is the meeting of the club sub-committee on matters affecting insurance.  The subject is being investigated at some depth – to make sure that we know where members stand in the event of a claim under the club’s insurance policy.  The information found and conclusions reached will be circulated to members as soon as this can be done.