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Historic Cornish Mining Scenes Underground - D.B. Barton (First Published 1967.)

'Mongst Mines and Miners - J.C. Burrow and L. Thomas (First published 1893, Reprinted 1965)

Although at first sight deep mining in Cornwall for copper and tin appears to have little in common with lead mining on Mendip, the above two publications give an interesting insight into what life must have been like underground for the eighteenth and nineteenth century miner.  Both books, or rather booklets, are full of first class photographs taken before the turn of the century both above and below ground in the Cornish mines and both contain lucid accounts of the mining techniques of the day.  Apart from the obvious variations due to the scale of mining in Cornwall when compared with that on Mendip, the techniques illustrated must compare closely with these used in the Mendip lead mines in their heyday.

Both books are published by D. Bradford Barton Ltd., of Truro at 65p and 75p respectively; and are to be thoroughly recommended to anyone with an interest in old mining.


Book reviews are always welcome, and the editor will be pleased to publish any more that come his way.

CHRISTMAS B.B.  It is the intention to publish a larger than usual edition of the B.B. once again this year.  So far, there is just about enough material in the pipeline for a normal sized B.B, and a decision on the final size of the Christmas B.B. will have to be taken soon.  Particularly wanted are one or two articles of good length (and: of course, good content) and any good humorous material suitable for the festive season.