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New Brooms

Inspection of the new list of club officers will reveal that quite a high proportion of jobs are now in new hands.  The list starts with our new Hon.  Secretary - Dave Irwin who now holds what many people regard as the most important office in the club.  Next, we have both a new Hut Warden in Colin Dooley and a new Belfry Engineer in John Dukes. Taken together, these positions affect the club to no small extent.  Finally, by a unanimous vote of the new committee, Chris Howell was co-opted as Publications Editor.  Although this job is not one of those named in the constitution as being jobs which must be done by members of the committee, it was felt that since the Publications Editor turns over almost as much money as does the Belfry, this was a position which should be in the committee.

I am sure that we all wish our new officers and perhaps the old ones as well - every success in their difficult tasks, and look forward to some really encouraging report at the end of this club year

Membership Secretary

One of the decisions already taken by the new committee is to concentrate all matters of membership in the hands of a membership secretary.  Talent scouts are already out looking for a suitable person, so if any reader feels that he or she could cope with the job of keeping complete tabs on members, please get in touch with the Hon, Sec. or any member of the committee.


It is hoped to include of the dinner elsewhere an account in this B.B.  In the meantime, is worth noting that it must surely rank amongst the most successful that the club have ever held.  Your editor has attended every one of the twenty five dinners the club has so far held, and has a job to remember a better one than the latest. Plenty of good food; good service; drinks at sensible prices and, going by the comments made to him afterwards, an entertainment which was well received.  If we can keep up this new high standard, we might well see many faces coming back who have been recently increasing the number of 'absent friends'

Forty Years On!

This year sees the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Wessex Cave Club, to whom we should like to offer our sincere congratulations on this event and our best wishes for the future.  When one considers the number of new clubs which are currently being formed every year, one wonders how many of these will survive to the respectable age now attained by the Wessex.

On a lighter note, the current issue of the Wessex Journal lists the B.E.C. amongst the natural catastrophes already surmounted by the Wessex.  We hope that this offering will be accepted in the friendly spirit in which it was written even though it is not, perhaps, quite what they might have had in mind for a celebratory song.  It goes to the tune of 'Forty Years On!' which any Wessex member who has been to Harrow should have no difficulty in remembering.

Forty years on! since that terrible blunder
Which older members still dimly recall:
When we look back, we regretfully wonder
Why did we bother to found it at all?
Were we too hasty, too rash or ill-fated
Founding the Wessex; when otherwise we
Might well have sat back and patiently waited
Till we could all join the B.E.C.

Roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up, roll up
For it's never too late to begin
To, fill an application form in
Roll up!



Climbers may use the S.W.M.C. hut by arrangement with club.  Any climber who wishes to do so should contact climbing Secretary, Gerry Oaten, for details.

There will be a meeting in Mid-December at the Belfry for any members who are interested in going abroad next year.  Further details in next month's B.B.  The idea is to see who is planning what and whether a definite club expedition will be possible.

Members are reminded not to lend Belfry keys out to strangers.  Doing so can lead to loss of club tackle.

Anyone prepared to lead caving trips anywhere should get in touch with Andy or Tim so that a full programme can be arranged.