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Club Officer’s Reports 1974 Climbing Report

Once again, the climbing section seems to stagnate, but, like a volcano, ready to erupt into life.  SNOW - that’s what we were waiting for last winter to erupt us to life!  We had hoped to get a little snow and ice climbing done in North Wales, but the weather was against us, with little or no snow, so nothing was done.

There were no organised meets arranged mainly because of the three day week, and the increase in the cost of fuel.

The start of May saw interest taking place on Thursday evenings at the Avon Gorge. Then members started doing some of the H.V.S. routes in the gorge on Sundays.  On a couple of occasions we really excelled ourselves and went to Wintour's Leap, Monmouthshire, where we nearly frightened ourselves to death.

The climbing holiday this year was at Pembrokeshire and North Wales.  Let's hope the climbing done was worthwhile and that we will read about it in the B.B.

I think the main reason for lack of interest in the section is the areas we climb in.  We are lucky to have such a large chunk of rock as the Avon Gorge on our door step, but if you do not climb constantly at H.V.S. or above, the routes left open to you are limited.  Therefore going the same climbs week after week gets somewhat tedious.  The Cheddar Gorge, lovely beauty spot, which is exactly what it is.  In the summer you can't climb there because of tourists. In the winter it's either too wet, too cold or the days are too short.

Let’s hope that, with the coming of new blood into the section, the fire to climb will once more be rekindled and give the climbing section the new lease of life it so sadly needs.

Climbing Sec.


Don’t forget the A.G.M & DINNER. SATURDAY 5th OCTOBER 1974

A.G.M. starts at the Belfry at 10.30 a.m. Dinner is the same evening.  BOOK WITH BARRY FOR THE DINNER BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! (See last month’s B.B. for full details).