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Hopefully, by the time this B.B. comes out, nominations for the 1974-5 committee election will be in, and will provide enough candidates for an election to be held. It goes without saying that all members should vote and as many as possible turn up to the A.G.M. itself. It is only by doing so that we can be sure that the B.E.C. reflects the wishes of its members.

Caving For Beginners

Some readers may by now have seen the booklet which represents the Southern Council's official policy on the subject of novice training - or at any rate have heard of its existence.  Since the B.E.C. is one of the clubs endorsing this booklet, it may be of interest to quote one or two of the items affecting the general philosophy behind the scheme.  For example, 'It is certainly very dangerous, and probably incorrect, to present caving as a sport or game; times taken, points reached, numbers of obstacles overcome and, above all, any aspects of competition either imagined or contrived are wholly irrelevant.  The level of personal satisfaction obtained by the successful exploration of part of a cave system must be the only criterion.  There are no summits to be conquered or records to beat in a cave. Thus, the sole raison d'etre of caving is the exploration of an alien and unknown environment.  It may better be described as a hobby.'  In this connection, schemes for the severity grading of caves, an example of which formed the subject of a recent article in the B.B. ,are acceptable provided that they are used for information rather then for any competitive reason.

Prize Crossword

To mark the 50th appearance of the B.B. crossword, this month's crossword carries a prize of a bottle of wine which, if bought at the dinner, will be paid for in the case of the first person to present the editor with a correct solution.  If, by any chance, this B.B. arrives too late for the dinner, the prize will be paid out retrospectively to the winner. Naturally, the clues are a trifle harder than normal.