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Club Officer’s Reports 1974 - Publications Report

By the A.G.M., at least 3 reports will have been published for the current year. Numbers 14, 17 & 18

No 14. Pyrenean Report - has had an endless series of troubles since its MS came into the hands of the editor and though it has been published in the recent past, I would like to record our apologies to Roy Bennett for the late publication.   The trouble lay

with the commercial printers, who dragged their heels, and with a member of the club, who failed to deliver the necessary plates and printed surveys.  100 copies are available.

No 17. Burrington Atlas. This booklet has been the most successful publications produced by the club. Approximately 400 copies have been sold, and a second printing is being considered.

Number 18.  Caving Reports:  The first of a number of multi-subject reports.  Contains surveys and papers on various subjects written by members of the club.

No new parts of the Cuthbert’s Survey have appeared during the year, but the survey is now at a very advanced stage and the publication of the remaining sheets should trickle through during the next club year.

The post is now one of the most important in the club, though not a committee post as such.  Its expenditure is almost if not equal to the Belfry accounts.  As such, it has shown that sales have reached very high levels and the demand does not seem to be abating.  The outlet of papers written by members, of the various discoveries and technical notes, to a wide audience can only improve the image of the club.  To this end, Alfie Collins and myself have devised a system where papers of an original nature will be diverted to the caving reports and thus help to remove the stigma whereby others have referred to the journals of other clubs as being the original source, when the B.B. has carried the information first.  In the same way, material not really suited to the caving reports will be diverted to the B.B.  Papers published in the Caving Reports will be accompanied by a précis especially prepared for the B.B.

D. Irwin.
Editor, Publications.
July, 1974.