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A Monthly Miscellany, by Wig

91.           Hollowfield. The missing sketch plan is shown below: -


106.      Social Chit-Chat:  Garth Dell, Keith Gladman and Keith Murray have been seen around the Belfry recently.  So too, was Jock on a quick visit from Reading.  The one memory of Jock's visit was that the Belfry was considerably cleaner when he left than when he arrived.  Getting quite excited about it, he nearly managed to wash all the Belfryites as well!

Sons are the addition to the Franklin Brothers Families, and Phil and Yo Kingston are on their way to New Zealand during the autumn.  Phil tells me apart from the volcanoes, there are plenty of caving to be had, and only a few miles from their home.  Pete and Mary Ham have made the break and are now in Australia!

107.      Library: The additions to the library have included P.C.G. an A.C.G. Newsletters and a collection of books, C.D.G. miscellaneous papers, maps etc. in a donation from Phil Kingston.  Included in this gift is a timetable for the largest caving event ever organised by the club on Mendip - the CuthbertÂ’s Sump Digging Weekend in February 1967, when over 30 cavers and divers worked around the clock digging at the sides of the sump to clear a way in for the divers to dig in the sump itself.  The project was called off late on the Saturday night due to flooding.  Other items include surveys of Lamb Leer, stoke Lane, O.S. Maps and a second edition of the 'Caves of Mendip'.

108.      Golden Oldies: Well down in Swildons!  On Tuesday 23rd July, an historic gathering descended Swildons under the leadership - though this is doubtful - of Roy Bennett. Doubtful, because it is thought that all the tackle was carried down by John Stafford's son who, it appears, was always in the lead.  Neither did he worry about the pools - including the Double Pots - he jumped straight in without - one might add to Roy's amazement - a wet suit.  Anyway, John Stafford, John Attwood and daughters ended up at Sump I. The sump being beautifully clear, it was dived by RB in an attempt to show off the desirability of the wet suit. Back at the Hunters, the Oldies Clan gathered strength by the addition of Alan Bonner, Keith Gladman and Pat Ifold.

109.      G.B.  This cave is again locked, as is Longwood and Rhino Rift.  Keys for all three caves are kept in the library at the Belfry.  Members wishing to visit these caves arriving mid-week should make arrangements with Dave Irwin or Nigel Taylor well in advance.

110.      At the Belfry: The committee have taken several momentous decisions.  The fire is to be re-sited in the main room and when the damper has been manufactured. Bucket Tilbury will come down to install the fireplace and chimney.  The long-discussed lockers have been costed and Barry Wilton has the job of arranging the construction.  The library is due for a face-lift and extra shelving is to be installed.