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Club Officer’s Reports 1974 - 2. B.B. Editor’s Report

On the costing side, the year has been one in which inflation has really started to bite. However, thanks to the enterprise of a few club members (and one in particular who wishes to remain anonymous) adequate stocks of paper have been built up, which are sufficient to see us well into next year.  By this means, a substantial amount will be saved on purchase of paper for future issues

Not content with this, we have gone over to a much cheaper paper master and again, have stockpiled over two year’s supply which represents a further large saving.  Covers have also come under review.  Here, we have placed an order for only enough to see us through this volume, and meanwhile we are experimenting with printing our own.  If we can do this, we shall save another very large chunk of money.  In all, the 1974 B.B. has cost less than the 1973 B.B.  The only aspect of costs that remains to be investigated is the postal side. Perhaps an extension of the hand delivery system might help here.

With the position of stocks so healthy, and with the B.B. actually costing less to produce, while raw materials, printing etc. are rising rapidly, it seems a pity that the only black spot is the shortage of contributions.  So bad was this earlier in the year, that only by reprinting from old B.B. 's and republishing from other sources could the size of the B.B. be maintained.  Even so, publication dates slipped very badly.

An attempt was made to stimulate ideas by running an appeal, complete with cash prize.  This met with no real response from the club.  There are, of course, ways of filling up the B.B., but it should not be necessary to use them in a healthy club.  After all, our members cave; climb; dig; explore; take part in rescues; hold social functions; read books; attend lectures and meetings; have interesting holidays; do other outdoor pursuits and even pull each others' leg on occasion.  How much of this finds its way into the B.B.?

The work of editing; typing and printing takes an average of 20 hours per month - or six full working weeks per year.

The stalwarts who collate, fold, staple, address and post the B.B. put in another large slice of voluntary time.  Against all this, the average member, by doing perhaps an hour or two's writing per year, could fill the B.B. to overflowing.  It doesn't really seem too much to ask!

Looking at the B.B. over the last two complete years shows that the number of contributors is going down while the amount they write is going up.  At this rate, we shall finish up with fewer and fewer people writing until the B.B. is written by two or three people.  1975 marks the 40th birthday of the B.E.C. and it would be appropriate to mark this by each member trying to produce something, however small, for next year's B.B.

Meanwhile, our thanks should go to those authors who have kept the B.B. going this year, and also to the postal department, who work so hard in the background to make sure that you get your B.B.

S.J. Collins.
Editor, B.B.


We have just received this letter from JOHN KNOPS, which shows that a sense of humour still lurks here and there in the club!

Dear Alfie,

The lack of response to your appeal for articles for the B.B. was only to be expected.  Everybody knows that the B.E.C. is, with few exceptions, composed of quiet, unassuming types who are convinced that nobody is interested in reading about their unremarkable exploits.  At the same time however, they are extremely interested in the doings of others.

I suggest therefore that what is required is some form by which we can boost each others I ego and self confidence.  Then, when others say "B.E.C.: - that egotistical, self-centred lot!" I'm sure the B.B. will be brimful every month - but I wonder if I I’d enjoy it half as much!

John Knops.