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Club OfficerÂ’s Reports 1974 - Hon. LibrarianÂ’s Report

The past year has seen another sizeable expansion to the club library which includes the addition of several important books.  Club exchanges have been increased and publications of the Grampian ( Scotland) and Santander University ( Spain) are amongst the more important of these. Gifts of publications and books are always gratefully received and those from Phil Kingston; Martin Mills; Chris Howell and Nigel Taylor among others have swelled the number of book, surveys and other publications.

The club has purchased several items, including Current Titles in Spelaeology 1973, British Caver Numbers 61 and 62.  Caves of the Avon Gorge No 2 and Limestone and Caves of North West England.  The purchase of Limestone and Caves of Mendip has been agreed by the committee when it is published.  Northern Caves Volume 5 has also been added to the collection.

Usage of the library has continued, and nearly 100 borrowings during the year have proved the worth of the collection.

Attempts to fill gaps in runs of various publications is proceeding slowly and these items are being bound into volumes by Kay Mansfield.  I would like to record our thanks to her for this generous help.

Space is now an acute problem, and timber is being accumulated to increase shelving and build the frame to house the various loose surveys.  It is to be hoped that club members remember that when they borrow items they do so for a period of ONE MONTH only.  Several overdue borrowings have been excessive, to say the least.

Dave Irwin,
Hon. Librarian.
1st August, 1974.