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Next Years Committee

To some folk - no doubt - the club committee may look like a collection of people who spend their time nattering away and getting nowhere.  Nevertheless, they represent each year the nine people who YOU elect as being the best for running the club.  Once a year, you get a chance to do something about it - and the start of this process is about to happen once more, with the annual request for nominations for the 1974/5 committee.

You have until Saturday 7th September to nominate new people for the committee.  Present committee members are automatically nominated unless they wish to retire  - and we shall not know who might wish to retire until the next meeting of the committee on September 6th.  In everybody’s interest, it is important to have an election - and to make sure that this happens, we need plenty of candidates.  This is where you come in.  If you feel that somebody you know would make a good committee member - or that you yourself would fill the bill - then make sure that a suitable nomination gets in to Alan Thomas in time.  These are difficult times for a club like ours, and it is in times like these that we want the best people.  There is nothing worse than having to carry on without an election just because no new candidates have come forward.

The procedure is simple enough.  All you have to do is to make sure that the person or people you nominate will agree to stand if elected, then write to Alan saying that you wish to nominate whoever it is and that he or she is willing to stand if elected. SIGN the piece of paper and put your membership number in if you can remember it.  You don 't need a seconder and you can nominate as many people as you can persuade to stand!

It is a trifle early to say, but it looks as if the total club membership this year may have DROPPED from last years' level.  If this is so, then it will be the first time this has happened to the club.  However, we must keep a sense of' proportion about this and there is no need to panic.  After all, membership cannot KEEP on rising for ever, and it would not necessarily be a good thing if it did.  On the other hand we might start asking ourselves whether we do enough to keep our older members still interested in the club.  Perhaps some of the older B. B. readers might care to comment on this?

You will find full details of the dinner arrangements in this B.B.  Bearing in mind the complaints over the years of poor food and lack of value for money, a real attempt is being made this year to provide a better meal. Those who went to the successful Grampian Dinner last year will be pleased to hear that we are having the same catering.  Drinks are being supplied by Roger Dors who is, or should be, well known to all. Roger, of course, understands cavers so we can rest assured that the drinks will be in capable and experienced hands.  In addition, there will be an entertainment in the club tradition - by the same team that produced 'Oliver' a few years ago.  Only two things about the dinner deserve further comment.  Firstly, the time.  The Hon. Sec. has picked 6.30 for 7 p.m. so that there will be plenty of time for a full evening's worth.  With the A.G.M. starting at 10.30, there should be plenty of time for collecting wives etc.  Secondly, the price.  At £2, this is higher than we have been used to, but inflation and V.A.T. make up most of the increase, and in any case, we feel that members would sooner have an eatable meal and reasonable drink prices than save a few pence on a poorer meal. Lastly, we have been asked by the Hon. Sec. to remind members that they are responsible for the behaviour of their guests.  The throwing dinner occurs a little later in the year than the B.E.C. dinner, and members are asked not to practice for it at ours!