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Round and About

A Monthly Miscellany, by Wig

  1. Hollowfield.  Martin Bishop, Pat Cronin et al. have just about ended their activities at Flowerpot.  Digging at various sites was proving difficult.  A survey, drawn by 'Wig' will appear in Caving Report Number 18, to be published in September.  The cave is about 250 feet long and some 50 feet deep.  An essentially phreatic cave with some later vadose modification in the lower section. Stal. formations are present, the best being located at the top of the 12 foot pothole leading to the low bedding chamber at the far end of the known cave.  Although small, the discovery of this cave focuses attention again to a neglected area.  A sketch plan is shown below:-

The editor apologises for the non-inclusion of the sketch plan. The plan will be will be included in next month’s B.B.

  1. Jugoslavia.  A note appeared in a recent B.R.C.A, Bulletin stating that the Jugoslavian government has now forbidden foreign cavers from visiting caves in their country.  This applies to all cavers, whether visiting caves by themselves or with Jugoslav nationals.  Show caves are exempted.
  2. Ludwell Survey.  On the 10th July, 1974 a party of divers and dry land cavers surveyed Ludwell Cave to B.C.R.A. grade 5 (Sump to Grade 3) and the survey with background notes on recent activities at this site will appear in Caving Report Number 18.  A C.R.G. grade 3 survey appeared in the B.E.C. Caving Report No 9 several years ago.  The dry cave survey was carried out by 'Wig', John (Bath C.G.) and John Hutchinson.  The sump was surveyed by Martin Bishop, Ken James, Neil Rigilani and Pete Eckford.  The outflow of water from the Ludwell sump was merely a trickle, much to the surprise of the divers.
  3. Cuthbert’s 21st Anniversary Trip.  Invitations will be going out soon to various cavers to join in the celebrations.  The date, 4th September 1974.  The time, 7.00.p.m. at the Belfry.  Champagne at the Great Gour.  Anyone else interested in making up a second party should contact Kangy King at 22 Parkfield Rank, Pucklechurch, Bristol.  The party leader will be Roy Bennett - one of the first to descend the Entrance Rift in 1953.  Woolies will be the disorder of the day and the route through the cave will be Entrance Rift; Arête; Wire Rift; Waterfall and Wet pitches; Bypass; Stal Pitch, Gour Hall and Duck.  More details later.
  4. B.E.C. Rescue List.  The current list is very much out of date, and so Andy Nicholls (Caving Sec.) and Dave Turner (B.E.C. Team Leader) are compiling a new one.  Members wishing to be included in this list should contact either Andy or Dave giving brief details of experience; special knowledge (medical, localities in or out of caves etc.) transport, work and home phone numbers etc. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Whilst on the subject of rescue lists, two practice rescues are being organised later on this year.  The two sites chosen are the top series of Longwood and the annual Cuthbert’s in November.  Andy and Dave will be organising these events and M.R.O. wardens will be invited to observe the proceedings.
  5. Winter Evenings at the Belfry.  Apart from the usual jollities at the Belfry, one or two more serious events will be taking place.  It is hoped to arrange a FIRST AID course with one of the M.R.O. doctors or the Ambulance men.  Dates and times are still to be arranged and details will appear soon in the B. B. - so keep your eyes skinned.  We are hoping to extend invitations to other clubs on Mendip, thus ensuring a full house.  In addition to the course, several sessions of practice tying the M.R.O. carrying sheet will take place at the Belfry on Sunday mornings.  Details will appear in the next B.B.  Arrangements for the more conventional lectures are well under way, and two speakers have so far been fixed to give talks: -

The Pyrenees - Kangy King.           Ballooning over the Alps - Tom Sage

Again, more details later.  Anyone knowing anyone who can give an interesting talk should contact Wig.

  1. Sea Caves in North Devon.  Earlier this year, Graham Wilton-Jones and Dave Irwin paid a visit to Saunton Sands and Cronde Bay in North Devon.  Over twenty sites of caving interest were visited and those that could be entered were sketch surveyed.  The caves at Saunton are in sandstone along an unconformity with the underlying vertical beds of shales (Pilton beds.)  The caves at Baggy Point are wholly in the shales and are quite large.  One, Whiting Hole, has not been entered, although local legend says it is of a very considerable length.  A detailed paper, with the surveys, is being published in Caving Report No 18.
  2. Inventory.  The committee have at long last decided to produce an inventory of our property - from equipment such as typewriters to digging tools.  This will be presented to the club at the A.G.M. and/or in a future B.B.  Anyone holding any item of club equipment should contact Wig with the details.
  3. Annual Dinner and A.G.M.  The A.G.M. is to be held at the Belfry at 10.30 a.m. on Saturday 5th October 1974 and the DINNER will be held in Wells - details of venue, price etc later.  This is a reminder just in case you haven't read the adverts in the B.B!
  4. Round and About.  The Editor has slipped this one in unbeknowing to 'Wig' to draw attention to the amount of useful information disseminated in this regular B.B. feature and promises not to interfere again until the next century is reached!
  5. Sunday Digging.  Digging has started again in Cuthbert’s in sump I.  If you feel like getting up early and being ready to descend the cave at 9.30 - you're welcome.  Some surveying trips are also arranged.
  6. Holidays.  Two parties are away to the continent - one with Martin Bishop, Liz, Dog, Ken James et al. are off to Northern Italy and a second party off to the Pyrenees including Andy Nicholls, John Dukes, Graham W-J etc.  In each party is a possible I.D.M.F. candidate, so look forward to their B.B. contributions that form part of the conditions of grants from the fund.
  7. Dinner again.  In addition to the entertainment that is being arranged for after the dinner, a small exhibition is being installed showing some of the latest surveys and publications available.  Also included will be a selection of interesting items recently added to the library - including the St. Cuthbert’s Minery Ledger and the Longbottom Diaries of 1934-1937.  There will also be a publications stand at the A.G.M.
  8. Surface Digging.  Vee Swallet is the latest site of interest.  Barry Wilton and others are gently probing this old B.E.C. site.  Last dug in the early '60's by Mo Marriott et al., several interesting flints, arrow heads and axes were uncovered there.  A more detailed account of the dig is to be found in B.E.C. Caving Report No 6.
  9. Resolutions.  Members having items which they want discussed in the form of resolutions at the A.G.M. are advised to start thinking about them now - although they can, in fact, be brought up at the start of the A.G. M. itself.  I have had a plea from the minute taker for people PLEASE to write their resolutions on reasonably sized pieces of paper - not on tiny little slivers of paper, which present quite a problem to store afterwards.

Some Reminders.

Martin Bishop would like any member’s ideas on decorating the living room at the Belfry.  Dave Irwin would like to remind library users to return the books promptly after use.  Please remember to SIGN for all tackle – always.  Those interested in long term rent of lockers in the Belfry should let Nigel know.  Barry will accept Bankers Orders for subs, but let him know about it or you might be charged twice.