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At the Belfry - A Flowery Spiel

An account of some of the happenings at the Belfry in the earlier part of this year - by Nigel Taylor

Spring and nearly, ever so nearly, summer is in the air at the Belfry now.  And with the spring come new flowers and new faces, but nevertheless old shoots and faces have been popping up in and around the Belfry. Chris Falshaw and family, Mike Wheadon, Pat Ifold and family, and many others.

Again, there has been an early showing of perennial hardies, such as Sett and family, Mary and Pete Ham and family and many, many more.

Back in the autumn, Albert Francis was even seen at the Belfry sleeping there for the first time ever! This was due to acute hop poisoning after an excellent N.H.A.S.A. dinner!

Club members actively participating in various digging activities such as Hollowfield and Bucket Hole have been numerous and the club's licensed explosive users have been employed gardening many earthy systems.

The Belfry car park has been re-graded by mysterious loads of quarry stone - connected somehow with an even more mysterious Hut Warden.  The Belfryites have also been working hard on the site, and a night exercise from 9.30 p.m. through to 6.30 a.m. saw the erection of a large M.R.O. store and new Tackle Store facilities.

However, all is not roses at Belfry Avenue.  Problems of rusting tanks arose, and were ably dealt with by Rod Hobbs and Tim Large one weekend recently.  Problems of sewage disposal have also reared up and threatened to drop us all in the fertiliser.  These, too, have (we hope) been overcome.

Due to two accidents in the attic roof, repairs were necessary, and these were efficiently executed by ‘Jock Orr Plastering Industries Ltd.’ In general, members and guests have all mucked in well with the problems and given fair periods of their time.

Belfry regulars include, at present, Andy 'Groper' Nicholls, Zot, Martin Grass and female company, Colin and Angela Dooley, Chris Backstone, John Dukes and 'Streaking for Deakin' Sue from Southampton - and of course your scribe, Mr. Nigel.

On a more serious note. If you or someone is bitten by a snake, immobilise the limb - treat as for fracture - do NOT tourniquet, DO NOT allow victim to move - Do reassure and comfort victim - DO call 999 - DO NOT take victim to Wells.  Ham Green hospital in Bristol is the only one in the vicinity with serum - but it is often not necessary.