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Good News

Thrupe Swallet - as many of you probably know - 'went' over Easter and has resulted in a new addition to the major caves of Mendip.  Congratulations to all the diggers involved.  I also have information of another site which may shortly yield a cave of reasonable size and add yet a further cave to the Mendip repertoire.

Happy as this situation is, one wonders how effective any measures to conserve them - if they warrant such treatment - will be.  Must new discoveries on Mendip always be balanced by the loss of irretrievable formations in the newly-discovered caves or elsewhere?  Present day caving being what it is, I have no doubt of the fate of any worthwhile scenic beauty that these new caves may possess.

Don Coase Memorial Lecture

A write-up of this function appears in this B.B., to which I would like to add that those who missed it missed an extremely interesting, technically excellent and amusing lecture. If future Don Coase Memorial Lectures maintain the standard set by this first one, they will indeed prove a fitting tribute to Don and a credit to the club.

Am I Wasting My Time?

I ask this question quite seriously, as I recently heard through the usual second or third-hand channels, that 'nobody ever reads the B.B. and that there is no point writing anything worthwhile in it, since nobody ever bothers to quote from it or refer to it.'

I know that this is not entirely true, because at least those indefatigable researchers of C.T.S. refer to every source of caving information, and our exchange system (ably kept up-to-date and put where it counts most by the equally indefatigable Wig) makes sure that at least the B.B. gets into the right hands - even if those hands do not always do what we would like them to.  It is, of course, possible that the occasional lack of reference to work originally published in the B.B. may occur through lack of knowledge of its source.  It is even possible that this could occur through prejudice.  It could also be because work published is not considered of a sufficient standard compared with, say, a slightly later account in some other publication.

Whatever basis there may (or may not) be for complaints such as this one, there is no doubt that 'knocking' of the club magazine has an erosive effect.  The task of persuading people to contribute becomes in any case more difficult, and there might well come a point at which an editor is forced to consider seriously whether it is all worthwhile.