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The Long Way Round ?

I wonder if anybody else picked up the item in Dave Irwin’s 'Round and About' column the other month, when he was describing the main rescues last year?  In the item for the 22nd July, 1973, the description reads: 'a friend was stuck just beyond the little waterfall inside the entrance at the beginning of the Dry Ways, the chaps went back to the rear of him via the Old Grotto.'

It could, of course, have been a misprint - but if not, what was the matter with Kenny's Dig?  I have a shrewd suspicion that there are a number of cavers today who are experts on places like the Damp Link but who couldn't take you to the New Grotto if you paid them.  Perhaps there is a need for Descriptive Map of Swildons!

Future Use Of The Belfry Site

At the last meeting of the committee, Graham Wilton-Jones outlined his Long Term forecast of use of the Belfry site and list of priorities for future improvements to be made.

As always with this sort of document, it is a little difficult to 'take it in' at first reading, but it is hoped that Graham will have a copy which can be reproduced in the B.B so that club members can be kept abreast of the current thinking.