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Take A Bow

Response to last month’s appeal for paper has been very good indeed.  One is tempted to wonder if the motto had anything to do with it, because club members have ‘done it to excess’ and our supplies of paper are now in a much more healthy state.


When articles are in short supply - as at present - the editor faces a number of dilemmas (if this is possible, and I reckon with the B.B., it is!)  If he fills a B.B. up with specialist information, most members will consider this to be a waste of paper.  If he sends out a very thin B.B. containing only the articles he happens to have by him this would be considered a waste of covers and postage.  If he waits until he can produce a standard B.B. containing information of general interest, he is likely to be accuse of letting down the club by not providing a regular source of information.

Under these circumstances, it becomes very difficult to win.  Apart from the reasons given above, the editor feels that the article he is including in this month's B.B. might possibly be said to earn its keep if it persuades some active caver to do some work along the lines suggested.  We hear people say from time to time that there is nothing much to do much to do on Mendip.  This could be the chance for somebody to prove such people wrong!

Published Elsewhere

While on the subject of articles, we note that from time to time club members send in their work to publications other than the B.B.  This is, of course, perfectly fair and in any case there is usually some good reason why an author decides to let a particular piece of work go to a journal which will reach the audience he has in mind.

However, most members of the B.E.C. rarely read other publications - and rely almost entirely on the B.B. for keeping abreast of what is going on.  There would thus be no harm in authors who have published elsewhere submitting their work for subsequent publication in the B.B.  The original source will be brought to the attention of B.B. readers in every case should the author so desire.