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Club Officers' Reports - 1973 - Hon. Librarian’s Report

Now that the library is permanently installed at the Belfry members are making full use of its contents. Over 100 items have been out on loan to members.

Since the last A.G.M., various missing items from other club publications have been added to the collection by using old B.B.'s for exchange.  Our own output has been increased by the addition of Caving Logs; Hut books and other manuscripts.

In addition to various exchange publications, several items of great interest have been included: Longbottom Diaries 1934 - 1937; a photocopy of Catcott's description of the descent of Pen Park Hole; Pen Park Hole correspondence (1958); Bakers Caving; celebrated American caves; Northern Caves Volume 1; a Tour of the Caves, and many others.

The committee has agreed to the purchase of climbing guides (costing about £25-30) and the back numbers of ULSA reviews.  Several other items have been given to the library – such as a complete collection of ¼ maps of England and a 2nd edition of Caves of Wales and the Marches.

In December 1972, a library list was published and is available at the Belfry for the small sum of 10p.  This is of considerable use, especially for members living away from Mendip and wishing to borrow items through the post.

Additional shelving space will be required in the coming year, which will cost approximately £20 to accommodate the already overflowing books.

D.J. Iwin.