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A Pressing Point

(For pressing on in Pressing Water!)

Some useful advice sent in by Nigel Taylor, who we hope will not mind the slight tidying up of the scansion!

Since the Great Flood of July sixty eight
We all can do Swildons at much greater rate
No longer at Forty do we have to wait
As down to the Twenty we travel on straight.

Yet this happy change ought to make us all pause
For unlucky weather could give us just cause
To worry if floodwater once again roars
And a powerful jet from the new Eight Foot pours!

Because if this happens it may be too late
To know of no way to get back past the Eight
And have to remain till the waters abate
Or succumb to some dreadful and watery fate.

So therefore all cavers, I really must urge
By means of this short but appropriate dirge
That to make an escape from the floodwater's surge
Learn to free climb the forty - and live and emerge!