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The I.D.M.F Show

This B.B. contains, amongst other things, the minutes of the second part of last year's A.G.M. - that dealing with the proposal to change the rules governing the Ian Dear, Memorial Fund Committee.  The rules as finally amended have not been re-published in this B.B., because they have already been published.

It was, of course, tempting to think about putting out this section of the minutes as it was displayed for some time at the Belfry - all in rhyme - but that would hardly do for the official account.  I should, however, like to draw the attention of club members to the Minute Taker's Note at the end of these minutes, as they were extremely difficult to get on to paper at the time.  I hope that they will not lead to too many amendments at the next A.G.M.


Talking of A.G.M.'s - as we are bound to as the time for the next one approaches - there is always one subject which is guaranteed to provide talking space for a whole meeting to itself, and that is the subject of tackle.

This year, almost certainly, the question of what is to be considered as the accepted usage of caving tackle will be brought up.  Should lifelines be used for prussicking?  If so, under what circumstances and how does one decide when a club rope has had enough?  Is abseiling on club lifelines O.K.? - and so on.

There are people who think that any technique which involves the deliberate placing of one's entire weight on to a single rope should only be carried out on a rope which is the personal property of the man involved.  Others have other views.  Some prussicking devices are said to be far from gentle in their treatment of a rope. Should these be classified, with some being approved and others not?  What about the use of comantle ropes?  These are a few of the questions which seem to require answers.  Time is, as always, likely to be too short for a full debate on these questions to be conducted at the A.G.M. itself.  Perhaps it would be a good idea if as many people as possible could thrash out some of the points involved beforehand.  Needless to say, the pages of the B.B. are open to anyone who wants to make points on this subject, so that their ideas can be put before the club in time for others to hear about before the A.G.M.


Don’t Forget

.. that the A.G.M. will be held at the Belfry on Saturday, on Saturday October 6th at 10.30 a.m. The Annual Dinner will be held that evening.  Details will be published in the next B.B.

New voting forms will be sent to all members and, under the new arrangement YOU CANNOT GET A SPARE FORM so make sure that you send the form you get back to Alan, or that you bring it with you to the meeting.

Any resolutions should be SECONDED and either sent to Alan in advance or brought with you to the meeting. This does not prevent you proposing a resolution at the meeting, but helps the chairman to know what is coming up if you make sure he gets it by the start of the meeting.

Finally, don’t forget that only PAID UP members are entitled to vote!