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Tackle Master’s Report

Owing to his taking over the job at short notice, DAVE TURNER was unable to present his report before the A.G.M., but it is printed now for the information of club members.

This report is for the period August-September 1972, this  being the period covered by the present Tacklemaster.  All the club's tackle has been inspected in the last two months and a card index of all items created.


Seven of the ladders in use up to August were found to be in need of repair and have been withdrawn. The number of ladders in service at present is 25, making a total of 605 feet. The number of ladders under repair is 11, totalling 220 feet.  Most of these have been dismantled, and it is hoped to have these back in service in the near future..


The following are now in service: Nylon, 9 ropes totalling 894 feet; Ulstron, 2 ropes totalling 600 feet and Courlene, 1 rope of 100 feet.  This gives a total of 1,594 feet.


The club also possesses 2 Karabiners", 13 tethers, 2 nylon slings, 3 rawl and star drills and 6 rawlbolts.  A disturbing feature of the club is tackle is the rate at which it is diminishing. From the A.G.M. reports, it appears as follows:  Ladders, 1968 - 960 feet, 1969 - 940 feet, 1970 - 870 feet, 1972 - 825 feet including that under repair.  Perhaps the picture is not as gloomy as it appears, and if any member knows the whereabouts of any other tackle, would he let the Tacklemaster know?  Then, all members will be able to use it.

D. P. Turner, October 1972.