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'Wig' says, “The latest additions to the collection include many missing items that have either been exchanged or donated.  I would like to say thank you."

Additions include UIS Bulletins (1971); London Univ. C.C. Journal No 13; Cerberus S.S. Newsletter No 18; B.S.A. Bulletin No 6; Axbridge Journal 1966; C.R.G. transactions Volume 14 No 3 Mendip Bibliography Part 2; Speleologist Yearbook 1965; B.E.C. Belfry Book 1963-4; Plymouth C.C. Newsletters 36-41; Leicester & Nottingham Univ. C. Assoc. Journal No 1; H.M.S.O. Deposit of Poisonous Waste Act 1972 Chap. 21; M.C.G. Newsletter No 95; W.C.C. Journal No 142 Aug. 1972 and Dorset Caving Group Journal Vol 1 No 4.

Items of interest: Dorset C.G. survey of Crocodile Canyon (Portland): W.C.C. Journal includes several items, but Graham Balcornbe’s account of early diving operations should be read.  Hutton Cave. Has this been rediscovered by Chris Richards?  Did you know that the divers have extended Swildons XII?  All in the W.C.C. Journals mentioned.  The M.C.G. have unearthed an interesting letter written by the Stride brothers to Mr. and Mrs. Young of Longwood Farm describing the exploration of Longwood and the involvement of the U.B.S.S. Greg Smith compares this letter to the 'account' in Johnson’s dubious book ‘The History of Mendip Caving.’

The report of the Southern C.C.C. on Conservation and Access as been published by many clubs, and those interested will find this in the Axbridge C.G. Newsletter for August 1972. Why don't we find, if not the complete, a potted report in the B.B.?  W.C.C. have published the M.R.O. Annual Repast in their Journal (No 142).

The Library Catalogue is now being compiled and will be published shortly.

STOP PRESS:  In addition to the items reported above, we have received from London Univ. C.C., Journals Nos 8-12 which, with many thanks, completes our set to date.  John Manchip has kindly sent a copy of Grampian S.G. Bulletin Vol.5 No 2.  The U.B.S.S. Proceedings Vol.13 No1 (July 1972) has arrived. Contents, though not of a startling nature, is well up to the usual standard and includes Rickford and Langford Resurgences - A problem in Limestone Hydrology; The Fergus River Cave, County Clare; Cloford Cave, Eastern Mendip; Priddy Long Barrow; Roman counterfeiter's den by George Brown of the Welsh National Museum - who uses the discoveries in Roman Mine as one of his main sources (B.E.C. Caving Report No 15 ROMAN MINE price 45p for a limited period) and says, "it is a considerable tribute to the care and enthusiasm which Mr. and Mrs. Tuck brought to their excavations" which goes to show that the B.E.C. do get out of pubs at times!  The October 1972 issue of Geographical included three interesting items: Pennine Pippikin, by Tony Waltham; Where Limestone Fashions Landscape (Ingle Smith) and a short item entitled Hypothermia on the Hills. Thanks to Chris Howell for donating these items.

Have you got your copy of 'Mendip's Vanishing Grottoes' yet? No doubt, like the caves the book illustrates, copies of this will one day vanish and become valuable collector's pieces. Why not invest in a copy while they are still available?  Only 50p from Dave Irwin.


We really HATE wasting any spaces like this one.  Have you looked round the new Club Library yet?  If not, you should and you will be surprised at what we have.  Why not borrow a book or two?