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Committee Notes

BELFRY ENGINEER.  In accordance with a resolution at the recent A.G.M., the Committee give notice that the post of Belfry Engineer is, in their opinion, vacant - there being no member of the committee who feels able to undertake this post.  At present, the duties of Belfry Engineer are being undertaken by the Hut Warden, but the committee feel that a separate person is desirable.  Applicants should be willing to spend a fair amount of time at the Belfry; be prepared to encourage others to help and be prepared to keep in close touch with the Hut Warden, Caving Secretary and any others who might be affected.  Applications should be received by the Hon. Sec. in writing before the 1st of December, 1972.  The position of Belfry Engineer is a committee post which will involve co-option. The committee reserve the right to select or refuse any applicant.

ASSISTANT HON. TREASURER. Bob Bagshaw wishes to pass on the treasurer's job to a successor at the end of the club financial year.  The committee are therefore advertising for a member who would be prepared to act as his assistant and to take over from the end of the financial year (31st July 1973).  Applications in writing to the Hon. Secretary by April 1st 1973.

The committee wish to thank John Cornwell for his donation of photographs.  Any further donations will be gratefully received and will be used to form the basis of a club collection.

Bearing in mind the wishes of the A.G.M. for club members to be kept informed on club business and the factors involved by other resolutions about the A.G.M. and dinner dates and the need to look into the publication of Club Officer’s Reports, the committee wish to make known a formal resolution proposed by Dave Irwin and seconded by Roy Bennett “That Club Officer’s Reports should be submitted in future by the club officers to the August meeting of the committee and subsequently published in the August or September B.B. after approval by the committee.  Reports NOT received by the August meeting will NOT be published in the B.B., but read out to the A.G.M.”  The voting in favour of this resolution was unanimous.

The committee wish to give notice that a sub-committee is to be formed to look into all matters connected with voting.  It is hoped that Mike Palmer will chair this sub-committee.  All members interested in this subject should contact any member of the committee.  It is hoped that members having a variety of different views will come forward in order that this subject can be looked into as widely as possible.

The Hon. Librarian would be grateful to hear from any member about books of interest which might be added to the club library.