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As hinted in these pages last month, the A.G.M. turned out in the event to be both a lively and a lengthy affair.  In the opinion of the editor, the club - like Phidippedes (the original marathon runner for the higgerunt!) came out well from this gruelling run, for which all concerned should be congratulated.

Firstly, the degree of interest shown by our members in the running of the club is, I feel, quite outstanding and some thing in which we can take pride.  Not only was there a record total of 52 members present at the A.G.M. but, when the proceedings had to be adjourned to the next day at the Belfry for another three hours, a full quorum - although not strictly necessary - was soon obtained and held during the remainder of the meeting.

Secondly, and of equal if not greater importance, was the degree of patience, tolerance and good humour which enabled the meeting to surmount what could have proved deeply naive issues.  In the event, we were able to discuss subjects on which members held strong and often opposing views in a manner which at once made these views clear without precluding reasonable solutions.  I am sure that if the committee and club continue to respect other people's sincerely held views and to retain their sense of humour, we shall be able to look back at the 1972 A.G.M. as one of the landmarks in the successful development of our club.

The Ian Dear Show

Nowhere was this ability which the B.E.C. has to laugh at itself more noticeable than in the good humoured way the procedural tangle surrounding the Ian Dear Memorial Fund got sorted out.  In spite of the dangers, so clearly stated, of attempting to put words into Ian's mouth; I feel sure that he would have enjoyed this section of the meeting.


The subject of how much information on club business should be circulated to members via the B.B. was left, by resolution, to the discretion of the editor.  The formal minutes will be circulated later but in this B.B. will be found a very short summary of the proceedings, which I hope will be enough to be going on with.

Candidates Reviewed

Apart from one complaint (From our Hon. Treasurer, who claims that his wife was easily able to pick out which of the candidates shown in the sketch was supposed to be Bob Bagshaw) people seemed to be satisfied with the arrangements.  This might encourage us to do the same next year.