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Climbing Notes

by the Climbing Sec.

Climbing Meet to the Gower Peninsular, 21st to23 rd November, 1970

Those present were N. Jago, P. Sutton, D. Targett, G. Atwell and G. Oaten.

After pitching the tents at Rhossili Bay car park in pouring rain and Gale Force winds, we all agreed that the weekend had not got off to a good start.

On Saturday, the weather still wasn’t all that good, and so we headed for the cliffs in big boots and cagoules, hoping to be able to climb some of the easier routes.  Our plans worked very well until we were hit by a hailstorm halfway up a route.  We quickly abseiled off and the rest of the day was spent on boulder problems.

Sunday brought better weather, so we headed for the cliffs of Pennard East.  Much of the day was spent trying to find the cliffs, for the guidebook wasn’t very good in describing the way.  We reached them eventually, and climbed a few short routes.

To sum up.  We were not very impressed by the cliffs, because the rock was frequently poor, but I can recommend the cliff top walks around the Gower Coast.

Christmas Puzzle

(B O)W = W I N S


(N W )O = W A G E S

You might find this interesting enough to while away the time when the pubs are shut over the Christmas holiday…

Where the letters stand for numbers.

For example,

             (B O)W  might be 372

From the two equations above, who is 545 5076802 ?

(He is a well known member of the club, not unconnected with the two words of the equations.  A prize of two pints of beer for the correct solution. In case of more than one solution being received, then the solution which solves the problem in the neatest and most elegant manner.)

Solution To Last Month’s Crossword

Monthly Crossword – Number 7.



















































































1. Dependable to the last? (7)
4. Mendip Association has an extremely mixed title. (1,1,1,1,1)
5. Aural connections. (5)
7. ‘Ave poles for climbing these. (5)
8. O, let’s mine it on Mendip. (4)


1. Priceless formation? (4,5)
2. Lights mixed financial penalties. (5)
3. A dipper in Goatchurch. (9)
4. Northern hills minus Mendip hill leaves these numbers on Mendip hill. (5)
6. Found in O.C.L. in Old Grotto vertically measuring. (3,4)

Stencils completed 30.12.70

Happy New Year!