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Climbing Meet

By Roy Marshall

The Climbing Section had a meet in North Wales on the weekend 16th – 18th October and the following spiel is roughly what happened.

The party – consisting of Derek Targett, Sandie and baby, Nigel Jago, Nigel Rich, Pete and Maggie Sutton, Abb-Sell, Ina, Penny, Gerry (official photographer) Fred Atwell and myself – to name but a few; left Bristol separately and converged, as is our habit, on the HOP POLE at LEOMINSTER where we are almost regulars.  After resting and suitable refreshment, we carried on to the campsite in “the pass.”  We moved from our normal site beneath the Grochan to a more even site on the opposite side of the road beneath the Wasted.

Fortunately, there was a bright moon on Friday night, otherwise I don’t think many would have made the campsite.  To reach it, one has to cross a very dubious bridge across the stream and then launch one’s car on to a track-cum-scree slope leading to flat ground.  Anyway, after risking our suspensions, we all arrived finally at about midnight.

Saturday morning was very sunny but cold, and the married couples were left huddling over the camping gaz, while the rest made for Pen-y-Pass.  The Pen-y-pass is a new Youth Hostel being built at the head of the Snowdon Horseshoe and makes a welcome change from the squalor and overcrowding of Wendy’s  The meals are subsidised by the Y.H.A., so you get a really good breakfast – cheep.  At present you do not have to belong to the Y.H.A. to use the café.

After breakfast, Brant direct repulsed a number of intrepid B.E.C. climbers, who convinced themselves that they didn’t want to do it anyway.  They moved into Craig Dhu where Nigel Jago, Derek and Fred did Petit Fleur and Yellow Groove (VS).  Ian and Pete practiced abseiling from the second pitch of Anthropology (VS).  The baby, with the rest of the ladies, attempted the Pyg Track.  Nigel, Rich and myself also went on the Pyg Track, Nigel going to Snowdon and back.  I made it to the lake, but I was breaking in new boots.

It is always difficult gathering information about Saturday evenings from any B.E.C. member.  It will have to suffice that everyone had a happy time, thanks to a benevolent landlord in the Vaynel Arms in Nant Peris.  Fred, Dick and Gerry had some amusing stories about Saturday night, but they are too funny to be true.  After breakfast on Sunday, the group again split.  Derek, Nigel Jago and Gerry going to the Garreg Wasted to climb Trilon (VS).  Pete and myself hauled our gear up to the Cromlech.  As if this wasn’t enough, Pete, after a half hearted attempt by me, led Cobweb Crack (VS).  While this climbing was going on, the ladies were left to amuse themselves in the pass. Graham and Fred had driven on to Pembrokeshire and Nigel had decided to walk home.  Pete and myself were the last to arrive back from our climb.  Meeting the others in the pass, we all made for home, picking up Nigel rich on the way.  All arrived safely except Graham and Fred who had a seized wheel bearing on the way back from Pembrokeshire.

Editor’s Note:    It never rains but it pours!  We asked for articles and indeed, the only reason for the lateness of this Christmas B.B. is due to the fact that we did not have enough to print until yesterday. We also asked for humorous articles – although we did ask for more serious stuff as well.  On our doorstep yesterday, in answer to all this, arrived a massive document.  It turned out to be another of ‘Jok’ Orr’s masterpieces.  He says that he enjoyed writing it, and we think you will enjoy reading it over Christmas, so settle down – sorry, doon – with a wee dram or three and get on with…….