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Hon. Sec: A.R. Thomas. Allens House, Townsend, Priddy, Wells, Somerset.
Hon. Editor: - S.J. Collins, Lavender Cottage, Bishop Sutton, Bristol


Masters Of Membership

From time to time, matters affecting the qualifications required for membership of the club get discussed at meetings of the committee.  A point which recently arose on this subject was that a few small groups of individuals fail to make effective contact with the remaining membership of the club.  The B.E.C. has, for most of its life, been happily free from any forms of clique or faction and this is a characteristic which has been, and should be, carefully preserved by committee action if need be.  Applicants for membership are traditionally expected to make themselves known to a reasonable cross section of the club before applying, and this is a point which may well be regarded more carefully by the committee in future. Existing members who make little or no attempt to integrate could, in theory at any rate, fail to get their membership ratified on the grounds that they are insufficiently known – a matter which new members may well like to consider.


November is the month when traditionally the B.B. prints a list of member’s names and addresses.  If yours is incorrect in any way, please get in touch with Alan and let us know where you really lived!

Christmas B.B.

The usual attempt will be made to have a bigger that usual B.B. for Christmas.  How big it is depends on what gets sent in for publication. In addition to the more normal articles etc., humorous article are welcomed at Christmas.  Any Offers?



Some people don’t know the Hon. Secs. new address yet.  The full address plus postcode and telephone number is: -

Alan Thomas,
Allen’s House,
Ninebarrows Lane,

And the telephone number is PRIDDY 269