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Hon. Sec: A.R. Thomas. Allens House, Priddy, Wells, Somerset.
Hon. Editor: - S.J. Collins, Homeleigh, Bishop Sutton, Bristol


Black Mark

In general, the reports from the club officers reflect the praiseworthy efforts of the many members who have given so freely of their time and money to help the club to recover from last year’s disaster.  It thus seems a pity to read in the Hon. Treasure’s report that ‘there are far too many subscriptions outstanding’.  Appeals to pay subscriptions appear regularly in the B.B. – Chairmen at the A.G.M. have pointed out in no uncertain terms that the days when it was ‘fashionable’ to delay paying subs are dead and gone.  In this column, it has been said that the least that any member could do for his club, if he was not able to supply materials, time or donations, would be to pay his or her subscription promptly.  For many months, the club has been literally balanced on a financial knife edge.  Thanks to the generosity of some members and the hard work put in by others; this has now been overcome – no thanks to those who have ignored every appeal to their corporate spirit.  It would not be surprising if the Committee next year decided on a ‘get tough’ policy towards those members who have done nothing to deserve the benefits which others have worked for on their behalf.


Elsewhere in this B.B. will be found details of the A.G.M. and Dinner.  Please make an effort to attend the meeting as well as the dinner. Your advice, comments, criticism or praise could have an important bearing on the way our club is run in future.


1970 A.G.M.

The 1970 Annual general meeting will be held on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3RD at the SEVEN STARS and will commence at 2PM.

Application has been made for a special licence to cover the meeting.

For the benefit of members not normally in Bristol, the Seven Stars is in THOMAS STREET which is just around the back of the Robinson Building.  This building is the large, square tower block just by Bristol Bridge.

The Seven Stars will, of course, be open from normal opening time on the Saturday, so that members who arrive early can obtain a drink while waiting for the meeting to begin.


And Dinner

The 1970 Annual General Meeting will be followed by the Twenty First Annual Dinner of the Bristol Exploration Club, which will be held at WOOKEY HOLE CAVE RESTAURANT at 7.00 for 7.30pm.  Attractions should include a free barrel of tartan and some sort of entertainment in the B.E.C. tradition.

PRICE 25/- “The Dinners which starts off the Mendip Social Season.”  Applications as soon as possible with money to Bob Bagshaw, 699 Wells Road, Knowle, Bristol 4.

Note:    Tickets are never issued for the B.E.C. Dinner. Bookings and money are taken by Bob Bagshaw and your name on his list gets you in.  Don’t miss the dinner this year!  Only 25/-