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Hon. Sec: A.R. Thomas. Allens House, Priddy, Wells, Somerset.
Hon. Editor: - S.J. Collins, Homeleigh, Bishop Sutton, Bristol


Once more, we approach the time of the year when the Annual General Meeting takes place and the B.B. becomes full of minutes of meetings, reports from the various club officers and all the other paraphernalia of the A.G.M.  This makes the B.B. bigger but duller.

However, we make no apology for the amount of space taken up at this time of the year with affairs connected with the running of the club.  The B.E.C. takes some pride in the fact that every single member is given the fullest opportunity to take some part in deciding the way in which his club should be run and the only way to ensure that every member is in a position to do this, is to keep each member as fully informed as possible on all that has been done.

The Committee this year has been faced with the task of getting the new Belfry built and fitted out, and this has naturally taken a lot if its time.  During the next year, it faces the equally difficult job of finding the best way to run the new Belfry for the benefit of all club members.  We hope that some members will feel that they could lend an active hand to this process by standing for the committee. If this is not possible, then a member can still help to run the club by turning up at the A.G.M. with his ideas, suggestions or criticisms or by letter the committee know what his feelings about any aspect of the way the club is run, are.


Has anyone got any spare GLOSS PAINT?  Small amounts are wanted for the doors inside the Belfry.  Any reasonable colour will be considered.  Have a look through your junk cupboard and see if you can help. Please give pint – sorry, PAINT to John Riley.

SINGLE BED MATTRESSES are also wanted for the Belfry.  If you have one that’s going spare, bring it up to the Belfry.  If no suitable transport, let PETE FRANKLIN know about it, and he will arrange for it to be taken up to Mendip.

The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING and DINNER of the B.E.C. will be held on Saturday, October 3rd this year. Make a note to keep this day free. All details will be found in next month’s B.B.  Don’t forget the date.

If you have any points to raise from last year’s minutes or from any of the Club Officer’s reports, KEEP THIS AND THE NEXT B.B. for reference.