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Hon. Sec: A.R. Thomas. Allens House, Priddy, Wells, Somerset.
Hon. Editor: - S.J. Collins, Homeleigh, Bishop Sutton, Bristol


Elsewhere in this B.B., there is a feature on the Belfry, which. As we explained a few issues ago, might well become a regular feature.  Reading this one, we see that the current bed-night rate is stated and that there is an appeal for members to use the Belfry more.

Due allowance must, of course, be made for the fact that the Belfry has not long been back in business – but the currant bed-night rate only amounts to an annual figure of about 900. This is very low, for the heyday of the older Belfry, the figure reached over 1,800.  At the risk of over simplifying the problem, it appears that we could, if we tried hard, get back to this sort of total, but only by offering accommodation to other clubs.  What we appear to have lost is a number of club ‘regulars’ at the Belfry.

Again, it is probably far too early to judge, but there does seem to be a chance that we might have to decided whether we run the Belfry at a loss or agree that its main function is to provided accommodation for visiting clubs.  If this actually happens, it will seem rather a pity that club members fail to utilise the building which has cost the club such a lot of time, efforts and money.

Now that the new Belfry is with us, the situation could (and we hope will) soon change for the better. In the meantime it would do no harm to watch carefully the way in which the Belfry gets back into its stride.



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