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8 Linden Road
Bristol 6

Dear Sir,

I wonder if you would allow me to insert an appeal in the B.B.?  I am collecting information about the lead workings in the Priddy area, and already have several old photographs including one of the interior of the Cuthbert’s works and a photograph of the Chewton Minery.  If any reader of the B.B. has access to any old photographs, etchings, etc. of these or any other local lead works, I would very much like to borrow them.  The same applies to old large scale maps of the area or to any other unusual references. All material borrowed will, of course, be treated with great care and duly returned to their owners.  Please contact me at the above address if you have any material which you think might be of interest in this connection.

                        P.A.E. Stewart.

21 Bradley Road,

Dear Sir,

Is anyone in the B.E.C. interested in acquiring a penny-farthing?  I have a genuine 1890 Singer’ Challenger’ which is in very good condition apart from its having no tyres.  Please get in touch with me if you are interested.

                        John Ransom.

June Committee Meeting

Arrangements for the fitting out of the Belfry continued to be the main business of the meeting.  The barn has now been sold to the S.M.C.C. and we have the money.  Arrangements for the showers and wiring continue.  Mike Palmer reported on the progress made on the club exhibition at the City Museum.  The date for the barbecue is fixed.