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Committee Meeting

The April meeting of the Committee was, again, largely concerned with arrangements for the Belfry. The sale of the barn to the Shepton is going forward.  This will help to some extent to balance the books.  Insurance for the new Belfry is a matter which is still being settled.  The Belfry is being covered for any major calamity, but there are a number of smaller points which have been gone into.

Progress on the ‘Stop the Clock’ was reported by Pete and it looks as this will bring in some useful funds. The proper wiring is being arranged by ‘Prew’, and this will be started very soon.  Material for the showers was another subject dealt with, and there are firm proposals of materials.  Pete and John Riley are arranging for some from of roof insulation; so that the Belfry will keep reasonably warm next winter.  The club has agreed to store M.R.O. tackle and a part of the stone hut will be used for this purpose.

Social News

It is not often than an Hon. Sec. of the B.E.C. gets married.  Any future Hon. Sec. who contemplates ‘taking the plunge’ has had a precedent set him which he will find hard to equal yet alone beat.  Priddy church was packed to capacity for Alan and Hillary’s wedding.  A feature of the actual service was the playing of the tune of ‘We are the exploration club’ on the organ.  After the bride and groom left the church under an archway of caving ladder (which was borrowed from the Shepton  and then found to consist partly of  B.E.C. ladder anyway!) they repaired, with the guests, to a sit down reception at the Wookey Hole Restaurant.  A fine meal was provided, and you can tell that the organisers had been properly briefed on the requirements of a caving club! At one stage of the proceedings, two characters sang a poor man’s version of the ‘Wedding Song’ – a traditional folk song.  One of the locals was heard to remark “I never heard Alfie sing a clean song before!” The couple left for Jersey after what must have been one of the best weddings to be seen on Mendip.


Stencils prepared 20th May, 1970.