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At the Belfry

By ‘Verspertilium’

Yet Another Column 2

I can imagine the reader of the B.B. on seeing this title, thinking to himself ‘We don’t want the B.B. to consist of nothing but a series of columns’.  It’s quite enough with Monthly Notes and Just a Sec.  Why have yet another?

This column is being launched for a number of reasons.  Our club now has a brand new headquarters, and it will not be fully used unless members are made aware of what is going on there.  Not just the social side, but every event which will be scheduled to take place there.  It is by club members becoming involved with events at their headquarters that any club

prospers and stays a close knit group.  Our club magazine is called the Belfry Bulletin, so it should keep members everywhere in touch with the Belfry.  That will be the job of this column.

What’s in a name?

The use of pen names may have its drawbacks, but in my case, it is essential that I should have a name, as I am to be a composite character.  Some of my news will have been contributed by the Hut Warden and others on the committee and other times will be picked up by other parts of myself. It was decided that I should be a bat – perhaps a cross between a long-eared bat (for picking up information) and a natterer’s bat (for chucking it out again).  The traditional name of Bertie was ‘suggested’, but the editor thought that a bit of Latin would be more in keeping with an image not confined to the merely frivolous, so now to work…

Belfry Fitting Out.

The job of fitting out is proceeding, although more helpers could be used.  Norman’s kitchen unit is nearing completion and most of the painting of walls is now finished.  Plumbing is coming along and temporary wiring has been installed.  Most of the old bunk frames have been repaired and repainted, although not many yet have mattresses.  Has any member got a suitable mattress he or she no longer wants? A new slow combustion stove has been acquired and fitted.  There is still, however, a lot to be done.

Opening Day

It may be that this B.B. will not reach members before this event takes place.  I shall be listening hard to members views as to what we should be doing now that we have this new building, and will keep readers informed on current events, progress and thought – ‘AT THE BELFRY’.