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Just a Sec

By Alan Thomas

Don’t forget the Grand Opening of the Belfry on May the Ninth!  A landmark for future historians of the club.  Would anybody have imagined a few years ago that the little old B.E.C. could have raised the wherewithal to build itself a place like the Belfry which now stands on our site?  Money is still needed, but Bob is beginning to cheer up again.  As these notes invariably seem to begin with an appeal, let’s ask for what you have got – anything you can get your hands on that might be of use to the Belfry.  Offer it to John Riley, your Hut Engineer or to Pete Franklin, your Hut Warden.  Come and stay at the Belfry m- it just needs living in.

I had a letter from Clare Coase in Australia recently.  Damion is like Don in looks and already has bigger feet!

It is with regret that we learn from the executors of Gerard Platten of his death.  His work for caving generally and for the British Caver in particular is well known to all.  He will be remembered by the older members of the club.

On Monday, May 11th, Mr Albert Goede will be talking to the U.B.S.S. at 8.15 in the Geography Lecture Theatre on the subject of ‘Caving in Tasmania’.  Guests are welcome.

The Cambrian Cave Registry in its report to members of the Cambrian Caving Council asks for help and criticism.  It asks all who cave in Wales to keep it informed of discoveries, however minor. The person to contact is Noel Christopher, Oriel Lodge, Gentle Street, Frome, Som.

WHO HAS MY BELFRY KEY, PLEASE?  I lent it to someone in the Hunters and it has not been returned.  It has sentimental attachments, having been given to me by Mo. On this subject, I hope that everybody realises that the original Belfry key gives access to the new Belfry via the changing room.

The M.R.O. is seeking information about bad air in caves and would like reports form the caving fraternity. There is a proper report form that can be obtained from me.