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On Climbing


One piece of information, shared by climbers and cavers alike, is the whereabouts and name of the local ale house.  Frequently the name of an inn will  give one a good indication of the type of district one is in, even if it does not tell one exactly where one is.  One thinks of “The Hunters” and “The Miners Arms”.  Obviously their proximity indicates a country mining area.  Using this sort of deduction, the reader should have no difficulty in placing the two signs on this page, and he should be able to place them within a few square miles. A black mark if you can’t even guess the guess the country correctly.  Many readers will, in fact, have frequented both these pubs, as they are situated in an area which,  a few years ago,  used to be a regular rendezvous at Easter and Whitsun.  Whilst the Belfry was temporary inhabited by “foreigners” from Yorkshire, South Wales and the like, the “regulars” set up headquarters in the upper storey of a large barn.  The pride and joy of this barn were a large mattress and a double bed spring: usually these were ‘bagged’ by “someone on the committee”, but occasionally an early arrival established ownership to someone else.  I have no doubt that several readers are not likely to forget those sleeping arrangements.

“The Tinners Arms”


More Amendments to the Club List of Member’s Addresses

(See October 1969 B.B.)


J. Lamb

Broadmeadows, Padstow Road, Wadebridge, Cornwall


J. Laycock

41 Woodlands Park. Quedgley, Glos.


G. Moore

17 Elmsgrove, Redland, Bristol


K. Murray

17 Barrington Gardens. Kensington, London SW7


H. Oakley

45 Groveway, Stockwell, London SW7


R. Orr

School Farm House, Chew Stoke, Nr. Bristol


A.E. McR Pearce

5 Colmer Road, Yeovil, Somerset


J. Pearce

6 Lyvenden Road, Blackheath, London, SE3


Miss D. Ranford

c/o Homewood, Plantanenstrasse 8600, Dubandorf, Zurich, Switzerland.


R. Richards

704 Helderberg, Joel Road, Berea, Johannesburg, South Africa


G. Rowles

27 Wedmore Vale, Bristol BS3 5HQ


A. Sandall

43 Meadway Avenue, Nailsea, Somerset