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Monthly Notes Number 30

by ‘Wig’

The 1970 C.R.G. symposium is on the important subject of cave surveying, and is being held at Vaughan College, University of Leicester on March 7th.  The programme is as follows: ‘History and Practice of Surveying in Northern England’ (D. Brook); ‘Speed Surveying in O.F.D. II’ (P.O’Rielly); ‘The Surveying Unit – equipment in use on Mendip’ (B. Ellis); ‘Presentation of Surveys of Complex Systems’ (D. Irwin); ‘Maps to assist the Caver’ (S. Collins); ‘Radio Location as an aid to Surveying’ (B. Smith); ‘Underwater Surveying’ (Dr. O.C. Lloyd); ‘Computer use in Surveying’ (J. Wilcock and K. Hanna); ‘ Survey interpretat on and uses’ (A. Waltham).  More details later.

Ogof Ffynon Ddu Survey

The survey, accompanied by a 66 page booklet, has been published by the South Wales Caving Club. The survey is on two sheets each measuring 48” x 24” and drawn at a scale of 1:1250.  The survey is available coloured or uncoloured.  The booklet contains 18 photographs; numerous diagrams, and a pullout diagram of the area.  The vertical depth of O.F.D. is 870 feet and it is over 20 miles in length. Cost: uncoloured £1 post free; coloured £2 post free and the publication may be obtained from P.M. O’Riley, 1 Le Mayals, Owl Lodge Lane, Mayals, Swansea, South Wales.

Latest From Cuthbert’s

Since the end of November, Cuthbert’s II has been sealed off to cavers and little further exploration has been possible other than two very short trips made late in November to maypole the high level holes above the streamway.  Although they had looked extremely promising, the vast majority were simple phreatic pocketing, and only went for a few feet before sealing off completely.  The temporary dam and pipes that that were laid through the sump in an attempt to keep the system open worked in principle, but unfortunately the dam leaked so badly that the amount of water flowing through it swamped the soakaway. However, a permanent dam is being constructed and should be finished early in the new year, so it is hoped that time will be on the side of the explorers.  An early attempt is to be made on sump II and two digs started again. One is just inside the new passage on the left and the other to the left of Sump I itself.


In an attempt to ‘fault find’ the M.R.O. exposure bag made by Paul Allen, a practice rescue was held in Swidlons II on November 8th 1969.  Various people were wrapped in the bag and taken through Duck II and Sump I both as practice for the divers and also too observe the condition of the ‘victims’.  A full discussion of the rescue is to be found in the December issue of the S.V.C.C. newsletter (copy in the B.E.C. Library).  Surprisingly good material for such a juvenile publication.

Amendments to the Club List of Member’s Addresses

(See October 1969 B.B.)


Kevin Barnes

24 Missile Regiment, R.A. Paderborn, B.F.P.O.16


A. Bonner

14 Monkseaton Drive, Whiteley Bay, Northumberland


D.M. Bryant

The Shakespeare, Lower Redland Road, Bristol 6


D. Byers

301 Cressex Road, High Wycombe, Bucks.


J. Carter

149 Finch Road, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol


P. Coles

2 Eastfield Road, Cotham, Bristol


A. Cullen

68 Stoke Lane, Patchway, Bristol


I. Daniels

Hansworth, Pilgrims Way, Chilham, Canterbury, Kent


Frank Darbon

Apt. 4, 4706, St. Vernon, British Columbia, Canada


C. Falshaw

23 Hallen Grange Crescent, Lodgemoor, Sheffield


K. Franklin

Flat 5, 234, Kent Street, New Farm, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


P. Godley

AOTS, R.A.F., Church Fenton, Nr Tadcaster, Yorkshire


S. Hobbs

Hokertsone Cottage, Townsend, Priiddy, wells, Somerset


P. Ifold

The Cedars, Blackford, Wedmore, Somerset


U. Jones

Marsh Farm, Askam-in-Furness, Lancs.