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Annual Subscriptions.

PLEASE let the Hon. Treasurer, R.J. Bagsahw, 699 Wells Road, Knowle, Bristol 4, have YOUR subscriptions as soon as possible. It has been a tradition in the BEC to delay payment of subs, but, in building the new Belfry, WE ARE DESPERATELY SHORT OF MONEY and every sub received makes a difference!

Gift of Rope.

The Committee would like to acknowledge the gift of rope from Garth Dell.

New Belfry.

Our fine new hut is almost complete.  Have YOU made any special contribution towards it?  Every type of contribution is welcome;  Money;  Furniture (see Alan Thomas);  offers of help (see Jok or John Riley) or ideas for raising money (see any committee member)

January Committee Meeting

The meeting, which was attended by Bob White, discussed club insurance at some length.  Progress on the New Belfry, and on the financial state of the club was also discussed.  Arrangements were made for continuing the B.B. in the absence of Mike Luckwill.

Alteration of Survey Price.

The survey of O.F.D. mentioned in Monthly Notes No.30 is now 30/-

Wookey Hole.

As most members will know, on Jan 3rd 1970, during a C.D.G. meet, John Parker and Brian Woodward entered 2,000 feet of very large new passage rising some 2  – 300 feet and ending in a boulder choke.  This passage is well above the two main systems feeding Wookey – Swildons and St. Cuthbert’s.  Further developments are awaited with extreme interest.