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Pursuit of the Dining Room Stream

By John Riley

As mentioned in previous B.B.’s, Cerberus Rift has been a site of interest for several months and after Dave Irwin, Mike Luckwill, John Riley and Dave Turner had dug out the gravel choke from which the Dinning Room Stream ran, a small chamber was discovered, back in June. The gravel choke has since showed itself to be one of the most ‘orrible’ places in the cave, being slightly reminiscent of the Mud Sump in Swildons! Perhaps it is fortunate that the dig did not go anywhere very much otherwise it may have been necessary to visit it more often!!

In the ‘chamber’ most of the Dining Room Stream enters through gravels by the left hand wall, although some flows down over a stal. flow to the right of this.  The flow was ascended using a maypole and a knobbly dog and was found to lead to a ‘T’ junction.  The left hand passage is blocked while the right hand passage leads over stal. to a very tight squeeze. It was found impossible to penetrate this and since at times a strong draught was emitted it seemed worthwhile ‘pushing’ it. Roy Bennett appeared on the scene complete with bang box but failed to open the squeeze sufficiently to get through.

A second go with bang on 5th December by Dave Serle open a hole sufficiently for John Riley to get through on the 6th only to find after turning left, following the passage for 12ft. over a small pool and a 6” fractured stalagmite, the passage was again blocked with stal.

Further pushing doesn’t really seem worthwhile as the second blockage will require a great deal of effort to remove.


Extensions above Cerberus Rift.