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November Committee Meeting

Somewhat naturally, the business of replacing the Belfry continued to dominate the business of the Committee.  Unfortunately, no reply in writing has yet been received, and thus the building was not able to start on the 20th October, as originally hoped.  However, a modest start has been made in having the cattle grid installed and the remains of the Belfry demolished.

In spite of continually rising costs, the Committee have still authorised the start of building during the month if the insurance offer comes through.  If there is no reply before the next meting, then the position will have to be reviewed.

The Hut fund continues to rise, although rather slowly.  The Committee are considering every possible way of making money, and ALL SUGGESTIONS FROM MEMBERS WIIL BE GRATEFULLY RECEIVED.  One scheme will be announced shortly.  On the brighter side, it appears that the Committee will be about able to fit out the new building at considerably less cost than it had been feared.

It has been agreed that, while the actual building is going on, the Committee will meet EVERY WEEK so that decisions can be rapidly taken as required.

Alan Tringham, Geoffrey Moore and Martin Bishop were elected to membership of the Club.

S.J. Collins,
Minutes Secretary.

Address Changes and Additions

Alan Bonner, 14 Monkseaton Drive, Whitley Bay, Northumberland.
718       A. Tringham, North Longwood, Beggar Bush Lane, Failand, Nr. Bristol.
719       M. Hauan, 24 Elberton Road, Sea Mills, Bristol, BS9 2QA.


Sorry to have to remind you all but your subscriptions will be due on the 31st January 1970.  Please make a determined effort to get them sent in on time – every penny counts.  Please enclose your membership card with your subscription and preferably an S.A.E. so that Bob has no excuse for a quick reply!  Subscription 15/- still one of the cheapest on Mendip when one considers that 12/6 is the actual sub and the other 12/6 is for the building fund; a levy that will be removed sometime in the next few years. Come pay and look cheerful!


Odds and end…

Cuthbert’s leaders meeting: Flood drainage to be improved at the entrance.  Maypole Series to remain closed for ‘bug’ collecting – helpers required.