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November 4th is an important date for mendip cavers – see Nov. b.b.

Monthly Notes No.29

by ‘Wig’

Gargill Pot (best known as Twin Titty!)

A follow up note – diggers at the site have ‘relocated’ the draught that was felt during the digging of their original shaft.  According to my source of information this blast of air hasn’t diminished much when the hole was opened up.  What can be seen of the way on appears to be mud a choked bedding plane.

O.F.D. Survey.

The latest news I have of the publication of the survey and report is that it will be published sometime on November.  More details when received.

That CHAIN on the Swildons Forty!

The latest issue of ‘Descent’ contains a letter from the Tamesis Caving Club admitting that they installed the chain that disappeared late in August, at a cost of £4.  The greater part of the letter quotes your scribe from his article published last year in the July B.B. on the great Flood.  Then I wrote ‘The changes in the Water Rift have increased the chance of accidents.  Cavers entering the system will be encouraged to go further than they had previously….The lack of tackle….will produce dangers…..The Water Rift… should be treated with extreme caution under wet conditions’.  Well, these lads took my words to the limit and fixed a chain on the six foot climb at the bottom of the Forty Foot Pitch.  Unfortunately I didn’t mean to INSTALL fixed aids but that cavers should use their common sense and if the water conditions looked as though it might get worse, then they took in their OWN TACKLE for the duration of the trip. Further, if the water was already high then there is no earthly reason why one can’t carry 35ft. of ladder to the head of the Forty and place this in position as a safety factor.  It’s only 300ft. to the entrance.

SHATTER HOLE  ( Fairy Cave Quarry)

The original CRG Grade 1 survey of the cave showed it firstly running due south and just beyond Tor Chamber the remainder of the cave swung round to the east.  The new survey to C.R.G. Grade 6 being produced by the Shepton Mallet Caving Club shows the whole system running due south, actually entrance to end boulder choke gives a general bearing of 188.5o.  Just shows how wrong you can be!  The S.M.C.C. are also digging in a small side passage that leads down towards a stream – what happens next?

One hundred years ago, on the 4th November 1969, was born a man who was to in later life be the backbone of Mendip caving for many years.  Founder of Wells Museum; Discoverer of Swildons Hole, Eastwater Swallet and an ardent searcher for great master cave of Mendip – his name Herbert Balch.

To celebrate the centenary of his birth we are publishing a series of articles which collectively will outline the man’s achievements throughout the next twelve months.  The first now follows: