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National Association of Caving Clubs

On the 28th September 1969 the Council of Southern Caving Clubs meets to discuss the constitution of the national body.  As the B.B. will be out before this date the Constitution has been reprinted in full for member’s comments.  If you have any please do not waste any time and send your notes to Alan Thomas so that they can be discussed at the C.S.C.C.

Proposed Constitution For The National Caving Association

1.      The body shall be called the National Caving Association.

2.      Aims

2.1.   To foster the sport of caving and the scientific study of caves.

2.2.   To support the constituent bodies in ensuring and maintaining access in accordance with regional practice.

2.3.   To support cave conservation thorough the constituent bodies.

2.4.   To promote the exchange of information between cavers.

2.5.   To make contact with other National bodies; to provide information on behalf of its constituent bodies.

3.      Limitations

3.1.   The association shall not interfere in any way with the affairs of its constituent bodies and their members.

3.2.   The association shall not arbitrate between caving organisations or between cavers.

3.3.   The association shall not be called upon by the National Sports Council or any other body to assess the merit of caving organisations or their projects.

4.      Membership

4.1.   Membership shall be open to any constitutionally elected body which is representative of a caving region, to the scientific bodies C.R.G., B.S.A. and W.P.C.S.A. and to any other constitutionally elected body which is representative of a particular aspect of caving.

4.2.   Representation at the Association’s meetings shall be four delegates from each of the Regional Councils and one delegate from each of the constituent bodies.

4.3.   Applications for membership shall be put to the Annual General Meeting.  Any body satisfying the conditions above (4.1) shall become a member if its membership is acceptable to the Association.

5.      General Secretary

5.1.   The association shall have no executive officers.

5.2.   A General Secretary shall be elected annually by the delegates to carry out the correspondence of the Association on behalf of the members and to circulate information to the constituent bodies.

6.      Meetings

6.1.   The Association shall meet not less than once a year, the Annual Meeting to be arranged by each of the Regional Councils in turn in its own region.

6.2.   A quorum at all meetings shall consist of not less than 50% of the delegates provided that each Regional Council is represented by at least two delegates.

6.3.   The Regional Council acting as hosts shall provide an independent chairman and recorder for the meeting in addition to their four delegates.  Neither Chairman nor Recorder shall be entitled to vote.

6.4.   A special meeting shall be called if this is requested in writing by not less than three of the constituent bodies.  In this case not less than four weeks notice shall be given to all members.

6.5.   At least five weeks notice shall be given to the General Secretary of any matters to be raised at any meeting of the Association.

7.      Procedure

7.1.   An agenda shall be circulated to the constituent bodies by the General Secretary not less than four weeks before any meeting of the Association to give notice of date and place of the meeting and the subjects to be discussed.

7.2.   Minutes shall be kept of all the meetings of the Association and these shall be circulated to all members of the constituent bodies.

7.3.   When a vote is taken each delegate present shall have one vote.

7.4.   Voting…. See note below.

8.      Finance

8.1.   The expenses of the Annual Meeting shall be borne by the Regional Council acting as hosts.

8.2.   The expenses of the General Secretary shall ne borne in the first instsnt by the constituent body to which he belongs, and an account rendered at the Annual general meeting, which the constituent bodies shall be asked to pay equal shares.

9.      Amendments to the Constitution

9.1.   The Constitution may only be amended at an Annual meeting or at a Special Meeting called for that purpose.

9.2.   Full details of any amendments to be considered shall be circulated to all members of the constituent bodies at least four weeks before the meeting.



Note 1.

The Cambrian Caving Council have suggested amending section 2.5 to read: “To make an contact with other Nation bodies in order tom provide information on behalf of its constituent members.”

Note 2.

Two main alternatives have been suggested for the voting procedure and these are both given below for consideration. There have also been other suggestions which really amount to variations on one or the other of these alternatives.

a.      Procedural questions can be decided by a simple majority, but other decisions must be unanimous.

b.      Any motion shall be passed of not less than 75% of those present and voting are in favour.

Note 3.

No mention has been made in the proposed constitution of the question of inviting to meetings observers from interested bodies which are not in themselves eligible for membership. This should perhaps be considered though it need not necessarily be covered by the constitution.

17.7.69.  J.E. Potts, Hon. Sec. Derbyshire Caving Association

Editors note:      Members wishing to comment on this constitution should send their notes to Alan Thomas as soon as possible.  The Council Of Southern Caving clubs meet on the 28th September and your views can be put to the meeting then.  Dr Oliver Lloyd has circulated some comments on the constitution but it would be better if members made up their minds on the subject as it stands at the moment.