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B.B. changes promised at the 1968 A.G.M.

For many reasons the changes promised at the last A.G.M. have not materialised, one might say, another bout of broken promises by the editor.  The main problem has been how the changes should be brought about and their relationship with the Caving Reports.  In the past it has been the policy of previous Editors to keep articles to a few words so as not to have a ‘series’ appearing in the B.B. serialised articles have never been popular because they tend to lack any form of continuity.  Yet they had to appear in the B.B. as they were too short for a caving report.  It appears to your Editor that a compromise situation has been with us for some time and the proposed changes to the B.B. should overcome this problem.  Member’s comments in the form of Letters to the Editor will be welcomed by the Editor for the September B.B. so that other members can feel the general trend before its discussed at the A.G.M.

With the generally larger B.B. (whether the material content is to members liking is quite another matter!) it has tended to produce quite a heavy work loading onto the B.B. Editor and the many helpers.  The major problem has been to keep to a time schedule each month by typing up to 22 stencils (38 last December) at about 25 mins.  A stencil, printing and getting the B.B. out on time.  With this in mind, the proposed changes will take care of the situation.  Well then what are the changes?  If members agree to them your Editor would like to see them introduced at the beginning of the next Volume next January.

The Belfry Bulletin will revert, as it title suggests, to simply a club newssheet of about 4 pages giving all the club news, comments ‘dirty washing’ letters, caving and climbing programmes, scandal, etc., which will run in the same numbering sequence as the present B.B.  Running parallel with the monthly B.B. will be a new publication, appearing three times a year entitled BELFRY JOURNAL which will be solely designed for caving and climbing topics with the mixture of reviews, photographs, surveys, route maps etc.  This publication will be free to members and contain some 40 – 50 pages of material, thus ensuring that the longer articles appearing in their entirety and allow the Editor more time to prepare the material than he has at the moment.

The B.B. will not be sold or exchanged but those clubs that exchange with us at the moment and the B.B. subscribers will receive the Belfry Journal instead.  The Committee has give its permission to purchase a second hand off-set litho machine and so the Journal and Caving Reports will be printed on this machine.  Not only will the print appear clearer than the Gestetner method it is a much more versatile medium in that photographs and line diagrams can be produced to such a high quality that it becomes difficult to determine the differences between this method and the half-toned printing block.  The cost, too, is generally lower.