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B.E.C. Publications Department is proud to announce the publication of PART 1 of ‘Alfie’s’ Spelaeodes on Saturday OCTOBER 4th. 1969.  PRICE 4/-  30pp. with illustrations by JOCK ORR…..

PART 1 includes the tales of

Sammay Smayle

Freddy Fry

  And Kenneth Lyle and his Caving Machine.

The Spelaeodes are being issued in three parts, Part 2 being published just before Christmas. Purchasers of all parts can obtain (from ‘Wig’) a plastic binder to bind all three parts as a single volume when they are finally published in February next year.

Members wishing to have Part 1 sent through the post to them can take the advantage of getting them on publication day at 4/- post paid.  This part will be sent in flat envelopes.

Orders for this publication may be sent to either ‘Wig’ (Dave Irwin, 23 Camden Road, Bristol 3) or Bryan Ellis, Knockauns, Combwich, Bridgwater, Somerset. To ensure getting your copies on time make sure you order is in by September 20th together with the cash (no stamps please).  REMEMBER THE PROFIT FROM THE SALE OF THE SPELEAODES WILL BE GIVEN TO THE HUT FUND.




                                                                        NOW to avoid disappointment

When you discover that they have been out of print for months.