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CAVING PROGRAMME – for further details contact Andy MacGregor, John Riley or Dave Irwin.

Sat. Aug. 2nd.   - South Wales – O.F.D. II.

Sun. Aug 3rd.    - Committee Meeting, 2.30pm, Hunters.

Tues. Aug 5th.   - St. Cuthbert’s – Dining Room Dig.  6.45pm.

Thurs. Aug.7th.  - Waggon, Bristol.

Sat. Aug. 9th.    - St. Cuthbert’s – Cerberus Rift (w.t.) & D.B.

Sun. Aug 10th.  - East Twin Swallet – digging

Tues. Aug 12th. - St. Cuthbert’s – Dining Room Dig.  6.45pm.

Thurs. Aug.14th.            - Waggon, Bristol.

Sat. Aug. 16th.  - St. Cuthbert’s – Tracing Coral Stream (further details from Roger Stenner and Dave Irwin.

Sun. Aug 17th.  - Dining Room Dig, Dam building and checking water samples of Coral Stream

Tues. Aug 19th. - Dining Room Dig, St. Cuthbert’s

Thurs. Aug.21st.            - Waggon, Bristol.

Sat. Aug. 23rd.  - St. Cuthbert’s – Dam building, Rabbit Warren Extension (w.t.)

Sun. Aug. 22nd. - Dining Room Dig and Dam building.

Tues. Aug 26th. - St. Cuthbert’s – Dining Room Dig.  6.45pm.

Thurs. Aug.28th.            - Waggon, Bristol.

EVERY WEDNESDAY   - Digging in the Chepstow area, further details from Roy Bennett, 8 Radnor Road, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol.  ‘Phone 627813.

Another programme for August/September period in the August B.B.