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BEC Items for Sale

B.E.C.  Car Badgess     ------ 17/6 ea.     B.E.C.  Ties…………………..17/6 ea.

The above items are available from Bob Bagshaw, 699 Wells Road, Knowle, Bristol 4.

B.E.C. publications are available from Bryan Ellis, Knockauns, Combwich, nr. Bridgwater, Somerset.

BELFRY BULLETINS (pre 238) are available from Dave Irwin, 23 Camden Road, Bristol 3 at 9d ea. when available.

AUGUST ISSUE of the B.B. includes Part 2 of drawing of Cave Surveys; review of James Lovelock’s latest book Caving Ireland, 1969; and the usual regular notices.

SEPTEMBER ISSUE includes Achnenschacht 1969, the Surveying Unit;

October issue: Location of Errors (surveying); address list.

Other material in the pipeline includes ‘Repair of Nife Cells’; Cave Photography; A Walk in Malaya.

Repairs At The Belfry

The  following materials are required to repair the Belfry before winter.  Stove pipe, glass, timber, tar and sand for roof, toilet door and mattresses.  If anyone can help either by working or supplying materials free or cheaply please contact the Hut Engineer (John Riley). If you have any spare time at the Belfry why not carry out a few repairs? – It may be some time before we get a new one.

A working weekend has been arranged for the weekend 6th/7th September, the Belfry will be closed except to persons working.  The response to the previous two working weekends was almost nil, please give this one your support.