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Summary of the New Constitution

Copies of the new constitution that is to be put forward as a Committee proposal at the A.G.M. are available for inspection at the Belfry and the Waggon and Horses.  Anybody who wants to borrow a copy can get one by writing to me Alan Thomas (address  page 75).   Most people will be probably content with the following summary.

The original draft was prepared by ‘Alfie’ and has subsequently been amended by the Committee on the advice of ‘Digger’ Harris.

The Summary

1 – 3.  The Object of the Club is to do anything conducive to furthering the practices of caving, climbing and hill walking.  The assets of the Club shall only be devoted to its objects and no money may be paid to its members other than as bonafide remuneration.

4 – 17.  Anyone who wishes to support the objects of the Club may apply to the Committee for membership.  The Committee can only grant provisional membership and shall review all provisional memberships over one years standing each January.  Provision is also made for Junior Members and Joint Members.

It is necessary to be a member for five consecutive years before becoming a Life Member.  Provision is also made for the appointment of Honorary Life Members by the Club in General meeting.  In the case of a member being a minor his parents signature is required.

18 – 24.  Membership may be terminated by the Member giving notice to the Club, or through non-payment of sub. or by the Committee for a serious offence. 

Provision is made for the re-admission of past members.

25 – 39.  The A.G.M. shall be held in or near Bristol on or near the first Saturday in October. 

An E.G.M. may be called by the Committee, by the A.G.M., or by 15 members giving notice to the Secretary. 

The quorum is 30 members or 25% of the total membership, which ever is the less. 

Provision is made for the election of the Chairman, the taking of resolutions and the taking of a poll of members.

40 – 45.  Only paid-up members may vote.

46 – 51.  The Committee shall consist of 7 – 12 persons.  Only members who are not members of the Committee of any similar organisation shall be eligible.  The Committee may co-opt to fill casual vacancies.

52 – 57.  The Club in General meeting may make, revoke or vary rules but anything affecting the Constitution may only be done by proper notice being given before a general meeting. 

The Committee may also vary the rules and such variations shall stand until the next A.G.M. 

All members and applications for membership must be acquainted with the rules.

58 – 67.  The Officers to be appointed by the Committee from amongst their number are: Secretary, Treasurer, Caving Secretary, Climbing Secretary, Tacklemaster, Hut Warden and Hut Engineer. Nobody may hold more than two posts. 

There are various disqualifications for members of the Committee. 

Nominations, having been requested 6 weeks from the A.G.M. shall be four weeks from it.  Unless they resign existing Committee members shall be automatically nominated. 

Where there are more than 9 nominations there shall be a ballot.  Voting papers may be sent by post or handed in at the A.G.M.  The Chairman shall declare the result. 

In the event of a tie a show of hands shall decided.  A candidate not elected may still be co-opted. 

The Committee shall disband itself at the meeting before the A.G.M.  The Officers shall continue to fulfil their post until replaced.

68 – 69.  Provision is made for the setting up of special committees by the Club and sub-committees by the Committee.

70 – 81.  The Committee shall meet monthly, normally the first Sunday.  The Committee quorum shall be 5.  All members of the Committee shall be given notice of its meetings. 

The Committee shall keep proper minutes and accounts. 

The Committee shall deal with all correspondence that is addressed to it. 

The Committee may request anyone to attend its meetings.

82 – 83.  Notices from the Club to a member shall be addressed to him at his address in the U.K.

84.  In the event of dissolution the assets of the Club shall be donated in the first instance to some organisation with similar aims to the Club, otherwise some charitable object.

85.  No member or his dependants shall have any right of action against the Club.  All members on joining shall be required to sign their acceptance of this rule.

EDITORS NOTE:           Much has been written about various aspects of cave surveying else where but little at all has been written about – probably the most important subject of all – the drawing of cave surveys.  It is the finished print that the caver is interested in and so presentation forms a very important aspect so often overlooked.  The following article attempts to outline from the commencement of the drawing to the finished print the problems that occur and some solutions to them.  The author makes no apology for the length of this article.