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Monthly Notes No.25

by ‘Wig’

 ‘Doodles’?, I see no ‘Doodles’ ………..

O.F.D. 1 Survey is available again and is published by the C.R.G. at 5/- each.  These will shortly be available from Bryan Ellis.  It is also reported that the full survey of O.F.D. 1, 2 & 3 will be published sometime in the summer.  Further chats with S.W.C.C. members indicate that this publication which includes a description of the cave may never appear in print for several reasons and that most cavers can expect is that it will be circulated privately.  I sincerely hope that this is not the case when one considers that O.F.D. is one of the longest and certainly the deepest cave in the British Isles.

Next years C.R.G. Symposium said to be ‘Cave Surveying’.

Holluch System reported to have surveyed length of 103km!!!  Must now be the longest cave in the world – still wait until Cuthbert’s 2 is found!

Eastwater Reopened

Tony Jarrett (ACG) and others have worked their way into Eastwater Swallet.  The new entrance lies to the right of the original way in but soon regains the ruckle.  Reports say that the ruckle has not moved and that the old route with the white tape is still there.  However, one should take special precautions when moving through the ruckle.  Both routes to Boulder Chamber are blocked with boulders.  Mr Gibbons of Eastwater Farm intends to put a 2/6 entrance charge on all cavers entering the system.  Members wishing to visit the system should first call at the farm and ask permission to enter the cave.