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Hon. Sec: A.R. Thomas, Westhaven School, Uphill, Weston s Mare, Somerset.
Hut Warden: P.Townsend, 154 Syvlia Avenue, Bristol 3.
EDITOR:  D.J. Irwin. 23 Camden Road, Bristol 3.

Tacklemaster Finds Tacklemistress


We understand that out Tacklemaster has at long last found his little Tacklemistress – Pretty Poly-propylene.  Congratulations Norman.

The Hut Warden Speaks

I must point out that credit facilities are not, not ever have been, available at the Belfry. Members using the Belfry are expected to pay their dues during the course of their stay at the Belfry.  If you are short of money why not pay your fees to the Hut Warden, or acting Hut Warden, before paying visit to the Hunters?

Caving and Climbing Meets

July 13th. Stoke Lane.  11am at the Belfry.

July 26/27.  Climbing in NORTH WALES.  If accommodation required contact Malcolm Holt, 5 Orchard Walk, Churchill, Somerset.

Autumn Holiday

Caving:  SOUTH WALES.  Camping at the Gwyn Arms.

Climbing:  NORTH WALES – details as July Meet.

SOUTH WALES C.C. – new Hon. Secretary:

Mrs Mary Galpin, 6 Trinity Rise, STAFFORD, Staffs.

Members wishing to organise trips to caves under the control of the S.W.C.C. should contact Mrs. Galpin giving as much notice as possible.-----------The B.E.C. Committee would like to offer the Club’s thanks to Ralph Lewis for his gift of neoprene off cuts.  These pieces (nylon lined) are suitable for running repairs and is free to members.