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Monthly Notes No.23

By ‘Wig’


Twin Titty (Priddy).  The North Hill digging team dig has taken a set back.  Shaft slumped at bottom of 25ft. deep shaft.  New shaft being sunk in near future.

St. Cuthbert’s (Cerberus Rift).  The source of the Dining Room Steam was dug on 27th May ’69 by Messrs Irwin, Luckwill, Riley & Turner.  After four hours digging broke into high level chamber with passage heading up dip.  End tight – needs opening with a chisel.

Cheddar Caves.  M.N.R.C. offered agreement to C.S.C.C. but rejected.  Advised to hand agreement back to Cheddar Caves Management.  Cavers should show proof of third party insurance cover when asking permission to enter caves on SOUTH side of gorge.

East Twin-  Dave Yendle reports that B.E.C. dig open into rift by winter stream – impassable.

Photograph (facing page) of Gour Hall originally published in Cuthbert’s Report Part ‘F’ – members wishing to obtain a copy (including survey, description, photographs etc.)  should contact ‘Wig’ or Bryan Ellis, Knockauns, Combwich, Nr. Bridgwater, Som.