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From Gerard Platten

Those interested in Lead Mines should apply to the Peak Park Planning Board, Aldon House, Baslow Road, Bakewell DE4 1AE., for a copy of their handbook.  It is entitled “Lead Mining in the Peak District” and is compiled by Dr. T.D. Ford and J.H. Rieuwerys.

B(ob) B(agshaw) Calling

Dear Members,

I should first like to express my sincere apologies for the delay in sending out the receipts due to my other commitments – mainly overtime.  I have recently sent out receipts to these who have paid their Annual Subs. but there are still many outstanding.  Would you please send your subs P.D.Q. and enclose your membership card and a S.A.E.  IF YOUR CONSCIENCE TROUBLES YOU (OR EVEN IF IT DOESN’T) HOW ABOUT INCLUDING A DONATION TO THE NEW HUT FUND WHICH HAS NOW PASSED THE £1,000 mar.

                        Bob Bagshaw, Hon. Treas.

Letter To The Editor

Thinking back to the C.R.G. meeting at Wells and the lecture on Cave Surveying, it occurred to me that some support for the production of an accurate survey was necessary.  The majority of people who aired their views on the subject suggested that, in general, a ‘map’ was all that was required, suitably cluttered with names, sections etc, so that the experts (?) could add their own scientific data.

Surely the once ‘mystic art’ of cave surveying has graduated to being a science, if not a technology (judging by Mike Luckwill’s efforts it must be approaching the latter) among the many followings of cavers today.

The object must be to produce the best and most accurate survey, barely detailed, so that there is room for the other experts to indicate the geology, hydrology and what have you, as they wish, thereby helping to complete an accurate account of the cave system concerned.  It is also important, from the point of view of further exploration, to know accurately the directions, position and lengths of passages, to avoid abortive digging to produce more cave passage (it would be very annoying (amusing? – Ed) if the Dining Room Dig came out at Eastwater because of inaccurate surveying – wouldn’t it?)

I feel that as long as there are cavers willing to devote their time to surveying and the raising of the standards of surveying to produce something more than ‘maps’, then they should receive every encouragement, especially from their own club.

                        Yours sincerely, Mike Palmer 15 – 5 – 69

Perhaps your Editor would be allowed a few words on Mike Palmer’s letter to put the letter into context as it were.  The Mendip surveyors have been advocating for several years the principal of producing accurate surveys without passage detail included within the passage outline (a survey rather like the St. Cuthbert’s or Swildons) and the argument that developed at the C.R.G. meeting was one of whether the passage detail should be included or not.  Further at the meeting questioned the validity of the C.R.G. Grading system as a C.R.G. Grade 6 survey only told cavers that the survey was made with certain types of instruments and not the accuracy or precision of the survey. There will be more on this subject in a later B.B. when the ‘guts’ of the C.R.G. lecture will be published. The June issue of the B.B. will include an article by Henry Oakley on what to do if your caving companion nears the ‘pearly gates’ of St. Peter……….and the usual other items.